The audience feedback was some of the best we’ve ever had.
— League of Extraordinary Women
We keep on getting great feedback. Thank you again.
— PowerCor Womens Network

RACHEL SERVICE'S life changed when SHE realised work was killing HER.

Rachel spent her twenties in a haze of anxiety, depression, disordered eating and burnout. 

When she was 22, she passed out in the bathroom on the way to work. The ulcers which developed in her mouth saw her bed ridden and unable to eat for weeks. 

At 24, she couldn't stand from overworking and adrenaline leaving her body, after working 24 / 7 for months, skipping meals and hitting the gym at all hours. She was later diagnosed with anxiety and depression and adrenal fatigue from over working and was ordered to bed rest for six weeks, unable to work.

At age 27, she was sleeping at work trying to make deadlines in a bid to impress her superiors. When she was made redundant; she was relieved. Having skipped meals and social occasions months; she was absolutely exhausted.


Tired, fed up and having gone through a break up, Rachel went to see the one person who would know how to heal her: Grammy Award winning artist, Beyoncé, in concert. As Beyoncé played her greatest hits at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn NYC, Rachel broke down and sobbed through the entire audience. It was in the subway, moments after the concert when Rachel caught her own reflection and realised: if she couldn't enjoy a Beyoncé concert: something had to give.

Rachel turned the beat around when she starting blogging her journey on addressing her demons as the "Happiness Concierge". These days, Rachel is now the founder of what she calls a kick ass training company which helps others ace their work and lives: all around the world.


Happiness Concierge is now a global training company, delivering workshops, talks and training programmes for workplaces such as Powercor, Reserve Bank of Australia AGL, Reserve Bank of Australia, WINK Models, RMIT University, meet-ups, and networks across Australia, Asia Pacific and North America.

Happiness Concierge Trainers are personally trained by Rachel and are selected for their charisma, positive attitude, drive and willingness to make other people feel at ease and learn in their comfort zone, in a learning style designed to bring out the best in them.

Click here to learn more about the workshops and talks we offer and click here to see upcoming events in your area. Get in touch by using the form below or by emailing 

Thank you for your wonderful encouragement and advice. I’ve been feeling lost and slightly insignificant for a little while but as of lately this has turned around. I suddenly feel like there are opportunities out there for me and am excited and motivated to explore them!
— Professional female, Melbourne, Australia
You immediately put the panelists at ease – keeping the event equal measures informative and fun – and it was brilliant! Thank you for making last night such a success – we can’t wait to work with you again!
— Head of Marketing and Fundraising


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Your presentation was fabulous and inspiring.
— Senior Legal Associate (Sydney)
It totally exceeded anything I was expecting and I’ve come out of it feeling positive about my work and potential in a way that I haven’t in a very long time.
— Sophie, Melbourne
Thanks and congrats on the fab talk you gave to us instructors at General Assembly. Like all the best talks, it made me think of new things and in different, inspiring ways.
— General Assembly Lecturer, Melbourne
Rach has been great in helping me realise why I was feeling so half baked at work, and what kind of roles might be better suited to my strengths and personality. Our sessions always give me the turbo charge I need to see my next move with such sparkling clarity, that I always leave busting to grab the future by the proverbial and get cracking without wasting even one second more.
— Sophie, 28, Melbourne
A generous human who left such a mark on my spirits (in just one hour) I could barely believe it. Happiness Concierge: you couldn’t have chosen a more apt name if you’d tried!
— Amy, The Holistic Ingredient, Melbourne
I was so inspired by your talk, you should see my amazing to do lists I’ve been whipping up!
— S, Photographer, Australia