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Our Work Life Brilliance™ coaching focusses on you designing a career and life that rocks your world. Our coaching and online programmes have helped people learn and earn more, secure their dream jobs such as Google and get put on the Global stage. But these people didn’t do it alone: they had a team of Happiness Concierges behind them, ensuring their success.

Our sessions start at one hour and go up to year long programmes. Our style is warm, practical and firmly focussed on you making realistic action that enables you to ace your life and career.


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Not sure where to start? Book a 25 minute phone call (no fee) and be connected with a Happiness Concierge to discuss which solution is right for you. Shante, you slay!

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Mojo School ($49 AUD, online)

Mojo School will remind you who you are and get your confidence back! Over six modules, you’ll be empowered to outline your achievements, clarify what you want out of your life and make a Game Plan to slay. This fun course will have you smiling, high fiving and most importantly: focussing time on you. Designed by Founder Rachel Service after experiencing an aha moment at a Beyoncé concert (true story!), and hosted by pop culture aficionado Carmen Hawker, complimentary Ru Paul Drag Race references are included!


Skills focus

  • Week One: Achievement Audit

  • Week Two: I Want List

  • Week Three: People Audit

  • Week Four: Mojo Cup

  • Week Five: Saying No

  • Week Six: Preparing to Slay

How it works:

  • Six week programme, delivered online to help you get your mojo back

  • Receive a welcome email immediately

  • Then: an email every Sunday that gives you a task to slay that week with a 'how to' video

  • Do the lessons any time, in your own time

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Work Life Brilliance™ Coaching

Our Coaching Intensives work with you for three months to give you the confidence, clarity and support to establish and ace your goals. We’ve had people land their dream jobs, secure opportunities, land job promotions and navigate nuanced (and tricky) scenarios at work.


Skills focus

  • Find Work That Matters

  • Skills Audit

  • Achievement Reframing

  • Return to Work Programme

  • Career Planning

  • CV and LinkedIn update

  • Confidence Coaching

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Recommended length

One to three month engagement with option to extend, pause or accelerate

Trusted by

Academics from UNSW, Swinburne University, new to workforce graduates, Returning to work parents, those seeking career transitions, professionals looking to design a career around people they admire and respect.


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Personal Brand Toolkit

Focussing on Leaders and Founders looking to get shoulder tapped for that new opportunity or drive new business interests. Our Personal Branding Toolkit matches you with a Happiness Concierge who works intensively with you to clarify and communicate your message, brand and authentic vision. This is an intensive training programme for those seeking to get noticed in their industry and seeking public facing opportunities such as public speaking, board opportunities or internal respect and authority. 


Skills focus

  • Elevator Pitch

  • Perception Goals

  • Lifetime Earning Potential

  • Messaging Toolkit

  • Keynote Map

  • Optics and wardrobe

  • Presentation Skills

  • Networking and Influencing

  • New Business Strategies

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Recommended length

  • Three month engagement, with a review to continue, pause or accelerate.

Trusted by

C-suite Leaders, Tedx speakers, professional speakers, Consultants and experts.



Let’s help you ace work and life.

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