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Work Ready

Don’t you wish you were given a ‘how to’ guide when you started out in the workforce? We do, too.

Give employees and new to the workforce team members the tools, mindset and plan to ace their formative years at work with the Work Ready Programme.

The following is best suited for those in their first years of work (recent graduates, students, those new to the workforce, younger team members), and can also be adapted to on boarding programmes.

The following modules are available as individual sessions or can be combined for custom designed programmes:

What Matters To You?

  • Values Audit: get clear on what values motivate you (this influences every decision you make at work, consciously and unconsciously)

  • Behaviour Audit: learn what ‘zone’ you are in under stress and how to manage to get a positive outcome

Working Styles

  • Batching: learn how to batch together similar tasks and work together to map out a schedule to maximise your efficiency

  • Working Styles: learn about working styles, personality and preferences in a ‘My Work Mojo’ cheat sheet

  • Managing upwards: learn about the art of saying no tactfully to manage expectations, especially when you’re a new player / new to workforce

Grow Me

  • Skill Audit: where are my strengths, where are my opportunities to learn?

  • Growth Map: what versions of my career have I envisaged for myself? What skills can I learn here at work to get there?

  • Growth Plan: what do I need to ask my manager to sponsor me on? What steps will I take to own my career progression?

Communicating with Credibility

  • Brand You: communicate your expertise when you’re new to the workforce using outcomes and client case studies

  • Get Noticed: create a plan to get noticed at work, for the right reasons

Building Relationships

  • Charisma and Genuine Charm: learn the fundamentals of connecting with others in a way that communicates genuine interest

  • Active Listening exercise

  • Relationship Map: visibility in an organisation and sector is critical to your success. Identify people to connect with and build relationships

Entrepreneurial Thinking

  • Yes, and: spotting the opportunity, asking for help

  • Building and developing networks

  • Find the Opportunity: case studies of ‘failures’ - how could this be handled in future? (problem solving)

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Thank you so much for presenting such an amazing workshop yesterday! It’s been a really helpful and motivating journey to me, as I indeed learned a lot of new things that I have never thought before. I’m particularly interested in the “green, yellow & red” chart that helps to diagnose my best condition on working. And I began to think a little bit more about “myself” in work rather than simply catering to everyone’s needs.
— Work Ready Student
[Happiness Concierge] combines invaluable career insights with a fantastic sense of humour and an engaging, approachable presentation style which was very much appreciated by University of Sydney students. Rachel brings an irrepressible energy and all-encompassing passion to her work, showing a genuine desire to see her audience succeed in their professional aspirations.
— The University of Sydney
We’ve had some really positive feedback from the team about the session with many naming it as the highlight of their day so it was a true success!
— KJR Australia
The discussions were awesome and they impacted the principles really well.

— Monash University attendee
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