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Work that matters.

'How do I land a job that matters? How do I bring meaning to my current role?'


At Happiness Concierge, we say: worry less about 'finding' a job that matters, and think more about what matters to you - and applying that to any role, including your current gig.


  • We feel valued

  • We feel recognised

  • We are using our strengths / using skills we enjoy

  • We feel empowered to speak without consequence

  • We can see results / change

  • We are continually learning

  • We have enough resources to slay

  • Clear expectations - of ourselves and of our role

Given there's so much to get right: it's little wonder we can wobble from time to time wondering if we're doing things right, and if we're managing people: if we're doing an OK job keeping erryone happy.


1. Create space to think

We can feel overwhelmed and bored when we're really busy, sending our brain into dreaming mode, often wondering 'what else is out there'. More often than not when rockstars land in HC office, it's not that they want to leave their role, it's their brain telling them they 'should' want to pivot careers as their day to day feels really boring (a sign of overwhelm, when your brain goes into F*ck it mode).

Let's not make decisions when we don't feel 100%. First, create some space to think clearly by allocating some time out. Even going for a drive on the weekend, a short walk by yourself in the mornings before getting ready for work can give you some headspace away from home requirements, or scheduling some solo time with a glass of wine can help set the scene for your brain to think rationally. Often when we have dreams of ditching the day job, it's because we're avoiding something super fundamental at work - often which is easily enough to remedy by using our words once we have clarity.

2. Vent privately

Venting / having a crew to speak openly, honestly and without a filter is really critical to getting what's really on your mind out of your system. Pick your crew wisely: are they at work? Are they my boss? Are they responsible for my career decisions? If the answer is yes, it's time to pivot that vent crew to people closer to home and AWAY from work. If you're venting to people at work, there's a chance their perception of you can shift from competent rockstar to whiney pants.

People who aren't responsible for your career decisions, family sometimes, friends away from the industry, mentors, therapists, coaches can all play an epic role in helping you get the frustrations out and start making space for making a plan for getting back to you.

3. Figure out what you're missing vs craving

The great thing about this how to is once you have clarity on what you're missing or craving, often you'll find opportunities to flex that skill / need / mojo in your current gig without any financial or emotional risk. 

4. What is the teeniest, tiniest low risk step you can take rn?

Often we feel 'meh' about our job when we're missing or craving something and now you've got a venting buddy, and some time to think you can create space to get out your worksheet, or write down three columns:

  • What am I missing? (Friends, support, guidance, cash)

  • What am I craving? (Someone to help me make decisions at work, camaraderie, a nap)

  • What's a tiny step I could take to get my craving or missing fix? (Example: have a nap, ask for help at work, talk to a friend)

We've filled in a form to show you the journey of Happiness Concierge, for example:

The game plan taking HC Owner Rachel Service from 'meh' to her career to making small steps to create mojo.

The game plan taking HC Owner Rachel Service from 'meh' to her career to making small steps to create mojo.


Once you've spent some time with your venting buddies with this worksheet (download the worksheet for this how to here), the next step becomes identifying a way to talk about your situation positively so when you're talking about what you want more of - people are more inclined to want to help you get there. 

Another way to get your mojo on track while you figure it out is to surround yourself with people doing things that excite you. You don't need to have plans to do what they're doing, heck you don't really need to entirely understand what their jam is, it's more about exposing your brain to different ways of being / thinking / creating / working to open it up to a bit of inspiration.

Happiness Concierge is inspired by music, retail and hospitality. When we have a meh slump, you'll find us checking out epic cafes, downloading the latest Cardi B album (check out our playlists here), the NGV and going along to meet ups we are curious about.

Good luck!

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