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The Reserve Bank of Australia, KJR Australia, General Assembly and Powercor are just some of the organisations who trust us to regularly train their amazing people.

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Ace My Work

Do you know how you work best? Most of us don't and getting clear on what motivates us and how to manage our working schedule is a kick ass way to turbo charge efficiency - and happiness - at work.


  • Values Audit: get clear on what values motivate you in life
  • My Work Mojo: how I work best, in what types of environments at what time of day
  • Behaviour Audit: how do I behave under stress? How can I manage this?
  • Boundaries: the art of saying no tactfully to manage expectations


  • Clarity on what motivates you at work so you can share with people leaders in future
  • A cheat sheet outlining how you work best and under what conditions to show your direct manager
  • A takeaway script for saying no tactfully
  • Understanding of how you behave under stress, and tactics to implement to manage your emotions under stress so you can slay at work during busy times

Want to experience this workshop yourself to make sure it's a good fit? Attend one of my public workshops here!

Ace My Career

This workshop focusses specifically on building career progression (as opposed to starting from scratch). When we focus on what we've already achieved, we're more likely to be in a positive framework for building on that and view any change as an opportunity to own our career plan. This is a tactical workshop that focusses on each individual having a personalised take-home workbook that outlines their skills, experience, opportunities in their immediate network and even an elevator pitch to practice with colleagues and any potential connections.

  • Skill Audit: identify what skills, experience and industry experience is unique to you (articulating this is a big part of people understanding their unique value at work)
  • Working styles: how do I work best? What work environments suit my personality and working style
  • Brand You: Communicating my value: how to I communicate my unique expertise in an 'elevator pitch'? 
  • Marketing myself: who do I need to know to help me achieve my career goals?


  • Clarity on my highest value (eg what I'm good at, what I enjoy doing, how I feel when I do the things I'm good at)
  • A personalised 'elevator pitch' which outlines what I'm currently doing, and what I'd like to be doing more of
  • Plan on a page: who in my network can help me, what organisations / colleagues are doing what I can add value to, how do I get there as a first next step
  • Mindset shift from 'what can work do for me' to 'how can I build on what I've done so far'
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Ace Your Life

This workshop focusses on building a life you love. Designed for individuals who are perhaps questioning a few elements of their life and mightn't know where to start. 


  • Values Audit: get clear on what values motivate you in life
  • What do I want? Identify what you want to feel, have and achieve in life. 
  • People Audit: the people who give you mojo play a huge role in you feeling ace. 
  • Boundaries: saying no will change your life. I show you how.


  • Get clear on what's giving you mojo, and zapping your mojo
  • What motivates you and mojo voids
  • A script for saying no in work and in life
  • A cheat sheet of rockstars who rock your world
  • Plan on a page to implement small mojo steps to ace your life

Brand You

Articulate what you'd like to do more of so everyone you meet has an opportunity to help you get there. Learn how to communicate your expertise in a 'non salsey' way, so when you talk you're using your authentic voice to get access to opportunities that rock your world (internally and externally). Excellent for individuals who have technical roles where other members of the business / industry mightn't understand the value of what they deliver (yet!).


  • Communicating my value: how to communicate my unique expertise in an 'elevator pitch' that doesn't sound salesy
  • Learn about qualifiers, and how to 'batch' your expertise into an easy to digest sound byte
  • Learn about managing perception and how to alter your language according to who's listening
  • Marketing myself: understanding who I need to know to help me achieve my career goals (internally and externally)


  • Clarity on how to describe myself and what I want to do more of 
  • A personalised 'elevator pitch' which outlines what I'm currently doing, and what I'd like to be doing more of 
  • Plan on a page: who in my network can help me, what organisations / colleagues are doing what I can add value to, how do I get there as a first next step.
  • Mindset shift from 'why can't people see my brilliance' to 'how can I demonstrate my expertise'
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BACK YO'SELF (confidence 101)

One of the biggest frustrations female professionals share with Happiness Concierge is that they're getting feedback telling them to be "more confident", but aren't clear on how to ace this. The good news is: confidence isn't a personality trait: it's a skill you can learn, just as I did years ago when I started a small blog called Happiness Concierge.


  • Evidence: achievement audit you accomplishments, career highs on a page. 
  • Validation: who's approval do we seek? Creating helpful feedback loops from those we respect and admire
  • Self Belief: learn the three fundamentals of self belief (I Want, I Can, I Deserve) and break down the thought patterns behind inner confidence


  • Tactics on how to 'be more confident'
  • Evidence on a page to share with your employer, internal hiring managers for promotional opportunities
  • Circuit Breakers to stop unhelpful thinking which emerges under stressful situations (such as pay reviews, performance reviews, presentations or meeting with a new client)

Charisma 101

Studies show we judge others - and their leadership abilities - by warmth and competence. Learn the fundamentals of warmth and charisma by helping others to see the real you through behaviours to build relationships based on respect. 


  • The five fundamentals of what makes people charismatic  
  • Trust Card Exercise (based on popular culture personalities)
  • Behaviour audit: outline what behaviours you display in three different settings (as people judge us not on our intentions but on our behaviours)


  • Learn how others can speak about you positively from your genuine actions
  • See charisma as a skill set that can help you be taken more seriously 
  • Improved inter personal relationships (at work and at home)
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A business lives and dies by how resilient, nimble and focused its people are. Learn how to apply an entrepreneurial mindset to a team, business, or project of any size and how to embrace quick, effective and focussed thinking.

Learn how to:

  • Fundamentals of entrepreneurial thinking to apply to any setting
  • Resilience and pivoting on the go
  • Case studies of epic 'failures' - hack these live as a group
  • Circuit breakers in unhelpful thinking which limit our success

Networking 101

Find networking terrifying? Join the club. In this course, learn the basics of networking, how it works and how to make it work for you. 


  • Ace the conversation: learn the fundamentals of warmth and how others speak about you when you're not in the room (as this is when decisions are made about your career).
  • Elevator pitch: get on a page what you're looking for in terms of a new role, so when someone asks 'so, what do you do', you can feel confident answering.
  • Networking hacks for Introverts and Extroverts: easy wins for any personality type, why it's OK to email someone instead of meeting them face to face, how to ask someone for a coffee, and what precisely to say in an email to someone you're reaching out to.


  • Networking fundamentals: why we do it (to keep options open, to learn from others, to share knowledge), how we do it (events, email, coffee's) and the fundamentals to help you ace it (email, event or in person).
  • Confidence to reach out to potential mentors to grow and learn from, and new business leads if that is something you would like to do.
  • An action plan to approach networking in a way that feels authentic to you, and not 'salesy'.


The biggest skill I see missing in workplaces across the world? The ability to sell with conviction, clarity and with compelling authority and emotion. Learn the fundamentals of sales in this beginner, intermediate or advanced series. This suits both individuals working for an organisation and those who run their own businesses / ventures. *best suited for professional services as opposed to physical products.

Learn about:

  • The fundamentals of trust
  • Curating evangelism in your own network of people you like, whom you trust
  • Clarity of messaging so others can sing your catch phrase
  • The art of finding a problem you can solve

Try this course out for yourself at a public HC event!

Work Ready

Understand what motivates you at work and how you work to turbo charges efficiency and impact at work. With the Happiness Concierge crew, we'll get clear on what motivates you to do a great job, learn the art of managing boundaries and how you work best to get the most out of your next role, so when people ask you how you work best - you stand out and can make an impact. 


  • Values Audit: get clear on what values motivate you (this influences every decision you make at work, consciously and unconsciously). 
  • Batching: how to work best based on your personality type, working style and preferences.
  • Managing upwards: the art of saying no tactfully to manage expectations.


  • Clarity on what motivates you at work so you can share with people leaders in future.
  • A takeaway script for saying no tactfully and respectfully with colleagues and suppliers
  • A cheat sheet outlining how you work best and under what conditions (each individual produces a ‘cheat sheet’ to share with their potential manager / employer.

Work the Room

Even the pros find it challenging to tell other people about work they love doing! Learn how to communicate - clearly and genuinely - what you do in a language other people can understand so you can talk to literally anyone as an ambassador of the business.

  • Being memorable: learn the fundamentals of warmth and how we relate to others. Identify memorable people you'd grab a drink with and describe why.
  • Elevator pitch: learn how to put your expertise into words so when someone asks 'so, what do you do', you can feel confident answering 
  • Body Language Audit: take a selfie of yourself with your 'thinking' face on (interactive). Learn body language, tone of voice basics and identify options for altering perceptions
  • Talking to strangers: learn how to introduce yourself to a stranger at an event, how to hover constructively 
  • Developing a network basics: learn how to bring people together so they introduce people to you and talk about you on your behalf


  • Increase likelihood of others speaking positively about you when you are not around (clients, colleagues, friends)
  • Improved inter personal relationships (at work and at home)
  • Confidence in the value you deliver to the company (by articulating the value you bring as an individual)
  • Seeing yourself as capable of bringing in new, interesting and valuable clients to the company based on your personal networks if this is something you'd like to do

Business outcomes:

  • Extension of new business leads through employee's personal network
  • Team members seeing themselves as an ambassador of the company, as opposed to solely a team member
  • Lowered inhibition towards attending networking events and new biz opportunities
  • More likely to bring in new leads through genuine connections 
  • Increased self-worth in the individual leading to improved relationship building skills internally and externally

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I loved the way Nick engaged with people when they responded to his questions. He did so meaningfully and with gratitude, really taking on board what they offered him.
The difference today was, you Rachel. The way you so naturally made everyone feel inclusive and you draw out the best within a conversation by asking the right questions ... for the first time I felt like I wasn’t just taking notes. I was walking back to work afterwards and I had an A-HA moment ... this is what I am going to do, this is how I am going to do it and I will start, now!
— Participant following a Brand You Breakfast