Are you a Happiness Concierge trainer in the making?


Do you want to help others kick ass in work and in life?


We're looking for rockstars who can confidently walk into any workplace and deliver Happiness Concierge workshops and training programmes.

We need people who light up a room, enjoy public speaking with energy and warmth who want to help others kick ass at work.

We're looking for people who want to become a member of the Happiness Concierge brand and who want to give people the tools to slay at work.

WHAT WE can offer:

  • Work with the biggest brands in Australia and teams who want their team to slay at work
  • Fabulous pay with unlimited opportunities to earn what you want
  • Regular training and onboarding programmes designed around your progression plan
  • Join a team dedicated to continuously learning, growing and testing new ideas with the HC community
  • Fast growing company who can move quickly, and make ideas happen within 48 hours
  • Flexible working arrangements around what's important to you
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People who want to work for Happiness Concierge and would love to have a future at the company (as opposed to any other training company).

  • You light up a room
  • You are interested in other people
  • You enjoy public speaking
  • You love the HC brand 
  • Successful applications include all of the above and demonstrate why you would like a career at Happiness Concierge and how you can contribute to the future of this fast growing company

It is highly recommend to attend a Happiness Concierge workshop or talk to get a sense of whether this is the right fit for you and to increase your chances of connecting in your application as you have experienced the content you may one day be teaching.


  1. Apply online
  2. You may be asked to meet a HC representative if we haven't met in person before. This meeting is for HC to see your charisma and people skills in person. 
  3. If shortlisted, all shortlisted applicants complete a three day bootcamp in Happiness Concierge (free). 
  4. From there a trainer / trainers may be selected to join the HC family or invited to join HC in a different capacity. There is no guarantee of a role at the end of Bootcamp.


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I undertook the Happiness Concierge trainers program, which really helped me to re-discover my mojo and how to let more of my personality show when I’m presenting. I cannot recommend the training highly enough.

APPLY NOW! (Please note it may take some time to receive a response as we receive an overwhelming amount of responses. Thanks and good luck!)

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I had a great time, learnt heaps, challenged my inner being… and came out a better person, with new friends to boot.
I got so much out of the training and even more out of myself which is invaluable. Thank you for helping me challenge, realise, understand, and learn so much.
What an amazing mix of people! I came out as a better person, after being challenged in so many ways and learning more about how to deal with people’s kick-ass skills (we all have them)! Thanks so much.
I had an amazing and excitedly challenging three days. A bunch of awesome individuals, all of whom I had so much to learn from. You facilitated such an atmosphere of trust and support.
Getting out of your comfort zone is never easy. I spent 3 days at the Happiness Concierge training program, learning how to be a kick ass trainer to teach people how to ace their work. It was challenging, but with the support of all the other trainers in the making, I made it through the course and discovered that I could do stuff I really didn’t think I do. Amazing, right!?


The applications who are shortlisted include a compelling argument for how their skills would grow the company:

  • Why being a trainer for Happiness Concierge specifically excites you
  • Why you're excited to work for this company.
  • Would you hire you?

The following examples are from real applications and were not considered:

  • I want to do the training for free to help me grow my own training business
  • I don't like my current job
  • Public speaking scares me
  • I'm bored


  • Do I need to have trained or coached people before? No. I'm looking for rockstars who have the 'Concierge' flavour so character and temperament is considered first and skills considered second.
  • What kind of people are you looking for? Anyone, any age, any sector, any experience, who love people, who are open to learning (the learning never stops in this job). Extra points if you speak Mandarin or languages other than English.
  • How often / where is the training? Melbourne.
  • I'm not confident enough. Should I apply anyway? You need confidence and conviction to land the job. If you know you have it in you but it's been a while or just need need a bit of encouragement - the bootcamp is a masterclass in confidence.
  • If successfully chosen, is the training a part time or full time job? Contract, booked per job, per location, per state, depending on the brief from our amazing clients. Some rockstars are hired to work behind the scenes as a result of the Training.
  • What kind of clients would I be working with if selected? We work with the biggest clients in AustraliaEveryone from professional services (Financial services firms, banks, legal services), fitness institutions (gyms, fitness clubs, head offices), students (University and tertiary students) across Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and North America. 
Happiness Concierge Trainer Nick Karpetis successfully completed the programme in 2017 and is now our Canberra based rockstar.

Happiness Concierge Trainer Nick Karpetis successfully completed the programme in 2017 and is now our Canberra based rockstar.