Are you a Happiness Concierge trainer in the making?

  • Do you love people?

  • Do you want to help others kick ass in work and in life?

  • Are you hungry to bring out the best in others?

  • Do you wanna work somewhere where you can be ... YOURSELF?

Happiness Concierge is no ordinary training company.

I've spent years feeling like I didn't quite fit in. I felt depressed, overwhelmed, isolated, in panic mode and so overwhelmed I did nothing to help myself. I felt out of control and deeply unhappy. It wasn't until I had a breakthrough at a Beyonce concert in NYC I realised: I had to change every element of my life to find myself again. 

I started Happiness Concierge as a side project, as a hobby. I had no idea I'd be healing myself - and helping others - through the process.

And three years later, I now need amazing people, people who have been through their own journey of ups and downs, who want to help others kick ass in work and in life. Is that you?

Perhaps you're curious, maybe a bit nervous about putting yourself out there, potentially you've considered what a career move might look like but been unsure as to the steps or maybe you're keen to work for someone else who can do the heavy lifting so you can focus on the thing you love: helping others.

If this is you, fuck YES I would love to hear from you. No matter your age, your experience, your identity: if you want to help people, I'd want to know!


All wonderful applicants need to complete the Happiness Concierge training programme. This is a three day intensive where I share with you errythang I have developed in my workshops over the years.

From this group, select amount of trainers are chosen at the completion of the programme to join the Happiness Concierge stable of trainers. For those who are not selected, you leave with some kick ass learning under your belt and a reference from myself with constructive feedback to slay your presenting in future (which is still a win, right??)

HERE'S WHAT i teach in my training programmes for concierges-in-the-making:

Learn how to:

  • Create a psychologically safe and welcoming environment
  • 'Defrost' audiences and take them from cynicism to curious
  • Deliver content in a way that people can go from their panic zone to curious zone to learning zone to implementing zone
  • Own the stage
  • Work with different personality types and win people over by being yourself
  • Answer tricky questions in front of a crowd who want a compelling, helpful and honest answer from you
  • Manage your personal boundaries in a group setting 
  • Work with individuals who play up / disrupt the class 
  • Work with introverts and extroverts and adjust your communication style accordingly
  • Condense content and learnings into entertaining, fun sound bytes people can take home with them and consider implementing
  • Take feedback, improve, and not take it personally

 APPLY NOW to express your interest and receive an info pack!

All applications are held in confidence. I will never share your details without your written permission.

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  • Do I need to have trained or coached people before? No. I'm looking for rockstars who have the 'Concierge' flavour so character and temperament is considered first and skills considered second.
  • What kind of people are you looking for? Anyone, any age, any sector, any experience, who love people, who are open to learning (the learning never stops in this job). Extra points if you speak Mandarin or languages other than English.
  • How often / where is the training? In Melbourne, Sydney and San Fransisco over a three day intensive.
  • I'm not confident enough. Should I apply anyway? Yes! You're reading this because your curious - imagine what could happen if you followed your instinct...
  • If successfully chosen, is the training a part time or full time job? Part time, booked per job, depending on the brief from our amazing clients. Sometimes however there is massive scope to grow with the company if we decide I can't work without you!!
  • What kind of clients would I be working with if selected? All types! Everyone from professional services (Financial services firms, banks, legal services), fitness institutions (gyms, fitness clubs, head offices), students (University and tertiary students) across Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and North America.