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To Do List of all time.

Obliterate anxiety at work with this to do list.

Y'all all know that feeling right? When everything is due, you're so busy, and have no idea where to start? Work can be très overwhelming when you're looking at your to do's like they're all tasks of doom. Slay overwhelm at work with this handy to do list.

Download the to-do list template here.

1. Write each of your to do’s on this list and assign it a category: Urgent, Important, Delegate and Do Later. 

Delegate: what items on your list can be outsourced to a freelancer, intern, or colleague who shares your KPI's? Spend a good 20 minutes delegating tasks off your desk. Delegate before tackling anything else on your list. Less to do already.

Do Later: Don't let your do laters slip into Never Going To Happen-dom. Assign a time in your diary when you will come back to this list. Look at locking out a few hours in the quiet pockets of the week, or perhaps next week. You've assigned a time and it's going to happen - later. Your workload is lightening up and you're only halfway there.

Important: not the same as urgent. This stuff is important - but not career threatening if they don't happen today. Look at your 'Urgents'. Approximately how long would it take to tackle those tasks? Say, a few hours? Could you perhaps put in your diary a non negotiable 1.5 hours or even an afternoon working from home later this week to focus on the 'Importants'? 

2. Tackle your urgents.

Look at your Urgent list. Focus on this first and create a deadline (or allocate a break) once you've completed them. I like to tell myself I can go out and grab a takeout coffee once I've finished the urgents. That gives me a break to look forward to, before tackling the importants.

Download the template to get started here.