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1:1 Sessions: our agreement


The below agreement outlines your confidentiality rights and recording of personal information for your protection.


Happiness Concierge Private Sessions exist to support individuals through challenging times with counsel, guidance and constructive suggestions to help them to arrive at self actualised conclusions which contribute to their mental and physical health.

Happiness Concierge Private Sessions are not exclusive to individuals in a challenging time; they exist to be an independent sounding board. Sessions are not licensed psychotherapy, psychology, counselling, therapy, alternative therapies or coaching sessions and are not marketed as such.


The session may be recorded and Rachel Service agrees to seek permission from the client to do so prior to recording. These recordings may not be used for any purpose other than to document the meeting for Rachel Service’s later reflection, guidance or support for the client. Rachel Service agrees not to share these recordings with any third party without written consent from the participant.


During each session, it is agreed and expected all details remain confidential between the participant (client) and Rachel Service. The participant may share details of the session as they choose however Rachel Service may not share details of the session unless given written warning.

The participant may decide to share details as they wish with their network. The participant must not reproduce, copy, or market the session for any financial or non financial gain.

Rachel Service may not reproduce, share, divulge any information which identifies the individual by characteristics. However, if the participant agrees, Rachel Service may use the learnings and insights from the session for professional development and marketing purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, sharing insights on social media, media, marketing, public relations, in person or at events where the participants distinguishing features are not recognisable and every sensible effort is made to protect the identity of the participant.

Rachel Service agrees not to share any identifying features of the individual in any form unless the individual agrees to doing so.

This also applies in the event the session is paid for by an association, corporation, organisation, or third party known to the individual. If the session is paid for by a third party, family member, friend, organisation, association or corporation, audio files may not be released without prior permission by the participant who receives the session.


The sessions comprise of a one hour session(s) between Rachel Service and the individual, either in person, over the phone or via Skype at an agreed rate negotiated prior.

The participant agrees to pay the fee prior to the session. This is a non refundable fee. In the instance the Session is rescheduled, the fee will be retained and used for the next Session.


The participant may cancel their Session within seven days of the session and will receive a full refund. Rachel Service reserves the right to terminate any Session ahead of the session for any reasonable reason. In the event a session is terminated, Rachel Service agrees to refund the participant the full amount.

Protection of both parties

Rachel Service accepts no liability associated with any actions taken by the participant or anyone in their network which are taken as a result from consulting with Rachel Service.