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Ace My Career

ace My Career (online course)

$149 per person

Take the power back! 

Join this virtual class over four lessons as we cover:

  • Achievement Audit: let's look back at 2017. What's worked well?
  • Skill Audit: fact collecting. What can I do? What do I actually enjoy?
  • Mores and Who's: what do I want to do more of? Who can help?
  • How to reach out to my network, what to say, how to say it.
  • Articulating myself and asking for help with my networks: how to put this in a sentence and communicate with conviction!


We connect on Zoom (a video conferencing software). You will be placed in groups with others who have signed up. You will be able to see me and will be sent the worksheets prior. Following each session you will receive an audio recording of the session to reflect back on / listen to as a podcast.

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  • Confidence to make small changes in your career
  • Evidence on a page of what skills you have, your networks and a Soundbyte to say it to any potential network or colleague
  • Extended networks through the group you are placed in
  • An opportunity to think about your career move with other people doing the same
  • We get to hang out online! Hopefully Morrissey will make a cameo, ha ha!


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I really enjoyed the offering! Perfectly on point. The pace and style of Rachel was interesting and engaging.
You’re quite amazing at how you see each new challenge in your career as an opportunity. And an opportunity to re-invent yourself each day, in such a positive way.