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Skills Audit.

What are you good at? What do others value?

Get your confidence back with a Skills Audit. Great if you're not feeling fabulous in your current job (it can help steer your next step by outlining what you're great at), and also handy for those considering other options.

We run many of HC's Mojo clients through this exercise as it helps them see what their highest value skills are and what opportunities there are either within their organisation or in a new role to do more of the the things they're good at.

The idea of this exercise is to get you out of your head and start to think of how to market yourself using fact - not emotion.

Download the worksheet to accompany this how to here.


It's time to start thinking of your skills as a shopping list from which employers can buy from.

Write a list of things you can do and then allocate a number next to them as to how much you enjoy them. 


Writing - 10

Sales - 8

Managing a team - 6

Budgetting - 2


The objective of this exercise is to outline your accumulative experience. Often sector specific experience can be transferrable to other industries who need the skills, expertise and relationships / networks only you have.

What industries have you spent the bulk of your career in? What industry specific knowledge have you gained over the course of your career?


Skills and industry experience is valuable. Relationships and networks are invaluable and can't be brought off a shelf. Take the time to nut out where your best relationships lie to start thinking about what employers might find this valuable.


I have excellent networks and contacts in Government.

The bulk of my relationships are in the NFP sector.

I have excellent personal relationships with decision makers.

My networks are exceptional in my local area as I have lived in the area for 20 years and have a good reputation.

My Australian based contact list of suppliers has been honed for the last 20 years.

Once you have outlined your skills like a shopping list, you can start to ask yourself?

  • What industries would benefit from my combination of skills, experience and networks?

  • What workplaces or organisations would find this of use?

  • Who in my network can introduce me to someone who knows someone to get the ball rolling?

Someone always knows someone. Once your clear on what you're selling you can start to reach out to people to connect you. Meeting someone and impressing them with your brilliance is by far the most efficient way to land that new job. (Networking hacks here if that makes you feel terrified).

Remember: often your next step won't be your dream role.

It can act as a confidence step to get back into the workforce and get your confidence back if you've been having a rough time.

Once you're in a new role, then you can start thinking of the big, badass dream.

Download the worksheet to accompany this how to here.

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