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Looking for something short 'n' sweet? A special occasion? Team building? We got you covered.


Do you know what's important to your team? have you had the opportunity to find out? Take the opportunity to bring in an external - neutral - facilitator to lead this fun team building exercise to discover what's important to your team and create a map for helpful hacks to take back into the workplace to show them you're there to support them.

ACE YOU ACTIONS (Behaviour Audit)

Learn how you act when you're in your Green, Yellow and Red Zone so you're in a better position to manage yourself when under times of stress or need to have a constructive conversation with a colleague or client. 

Brand You 

Learn how to get noticed as an expert and an authority on a subject matter. Entrepreneur Rachel Service will share the fundamentals of getting noticed at work as an expert at work and how to build a network. *most popular, see example below

Charisma 101 

Studies show we judge others - and their leadership abilities - by warmth and competence. Learn the fundamentals of warmth and charisma so when you have something important to say, or a 'push back' moment with a client, they'll take it the way you intended. 

Impostor Syndrome

Happiness Concierge Founder Rachel Service travels boardrooms of the world and sees first-hand how Impostor Syndrome stops people from getting the salaries and jobs they deserve. Learn how to slay your inner demons and learn how to get on with the job with confidence in tact. *popular with womens networks


It totally exceeded anything I was expecting and I’ve come out of it feeling positive about my work and potential in a way that I haven’t in a very long time.
— Professional, Australia
I was so inspired by your talk, you should see my amazing to do lists I’ve been whipping up!
— Professional, Australia
Thanks and congrats on the fab talk you gave to us instructors at General Assembly. Like all the best talks, it made me think of new things and in different, inspiring ways.
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