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Mojo School with Rachel Service

mojo school (online course)

$49 AUD

This kick ass learning programme is all about getting real with what's been stopping you from slaying, and helping you make small baby, Beyonce steps towards your own epic greatness. *hair flips*

  • Six week programme to help you get your mojo back
  • Do the lessons any time 
  • Receive an email every week which gives you a task to slay that week with a 'how to' video
  • Break down what's stopping you from slaying and make positive changes
  • Join the private Slack channel to discuss how it's going with Mojo School alumni like you!

In Mojo School, I'll teach you the lessons I implemented when I was recovering from anxiety, depression and burnout. These tactics are based on practical exercises I have done which have slowly put me back on the track to being in control of my life. I've used these tactics to manage my emotions, have challenging conversations with loved ones, say no to friends and colleagues and feeling less crazy -  and more in control and waaaaay happier.

It's about making small, achievable steps to reboot your mojo so you can leave feeling confident you'll be able to kick ass in the real world. 

Y'all are gonna feel like this!!

Y'all are gonna feel like this!!


Let's get real: you fabulous! Perhaps you need a wee reminder of how wonderful you are. We'll get you to articulate your amazing achievements to date so you can pat yourself on the back and fill up the well.


Ain't that the hardest thing! We break it down to ask you: how do you want to feel, what do you want to have and what would you like to achieve this year?


People are awesome. Sometimes tho, we give the juice to the ones who don't see our awesomeness. We map out who is rocking our world, who is giving us energy, and how often we're making time for these rad people.

WEEK FOUR: mojo cup

If I asked you what makes you feel full of mojo, what would you say? This task is super fun, taking the week to identify what energizes us and what de-energizes us. Who's in the cup? What activities? What outfits?

WEEK FIVE: say no

Flexing our boundaries, yeah! This weeks task is all about saying tiny no's based on our 'de-energizing' list and learning how to prioritise what we want and learning to say it without feeling guilty.

WEEK SIX: planning to slay

Jay Z and Beyonce apparently went vegan over six weeks just #saying. What tiny edits will you take with you into your elevated Mojo life? 


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