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A noobs guide to a panic attack (Huffington Post)

What my panic attack felt like

Six easy wins to fight anxiety (NY Mag)

Meaningful work, or helping others, can fight depression (The Atlantic) 

There's a theory depression is your body just sorting your shit out (NY Mag)


Podcast: NPR's Planet Money. How money gets made in different industries.


The Scarcity Trap - how wanting 'more' and seeking perfection can screw us (NPR)


Why tummy rolls are great (Live Nation)

Even feminists get the blues (The Guardian)


Creative people say no (Medium)

How to say no at work


The mental price you pay when running your own business (Inc)


Batch your tasks into your most productive hours

How to tackle your To Do list like a boss


Other women who look like you exercising (Fast Company)

Why you're not using your gym membership (NPR)

You need to sleep more if you workout (Fast Company)

The science of how exercise alters our DNA (NY Times)


Help! I don't know what my passion is (NY Mag)

Do this quiz and it'll fire out jobs that will make you happy (The Guardian)

How to survive networking events

A list of things not to do when you first go freelancing (99U)

Work life balance is total crap - try fun and purpose instead (Quartz)


5 reasons why you're not getting re-hired

Um ... how do I get clients? (Life Hacker)


Why you don't want to go to out, ever

Networking for people who hate networking

The world needs introverts


You'll never be qualified enough

They've found out about you (Parody: The Onion)


Prevent your team from pulling sickies

How to be a great leader if you're shy

Be a better boss - get your head around mental health


Know what 'bucket' you sit in - before asking for that payrise

 Five women got out of debt and so can you

How to negotiate like a pro

Happy people spend money on experiences - not things. Because... science.


I've lost my mojo

Stuck? How to figure out what you want with I Want List

How To Do A People Audit

Are your friends bad for you?

Podcast: 2DopeQueens are exactly that

The amount of fucks you give directly affects your mojo

How not to run into 'giving a fuck' debt

Get your mojo back with an Energy Audit

Do things before you're ready

Everything is better after watching Ru Paul's Drag Race


Effective marketing for Introverts (tip: schedule your bravery)

How to follow up after a networking event via Forbes

Networking for people who hate networking

30 conversation openers for networking events (sign in w LinkedIn / email to view)


You can wait to have a baby

How to talk to your daughter about her body

If mothers are more efficient – why are they cheaper?

It's ok to admit you regret having kids


You're a perfectionist and it's stopping you from getting shit done

Analysis Paralysis: you're probably thinking too much (Mark Manson, author)

Why you're getting nothing done

Time Assets vs Time Debt - where are you spending your time? (James Clear, weightlifter and work coach)


Mark Manson: Practical, No Bullshit Self Help That Doesn't Suck

Gala Darling: Feel Good Wonderful Human Who Gives No Fucks What You Think


Why the idea of having a 'soulmate' it total bullshit (SPOOK Magazine)

Podcast: Savage Love - hear other peoples sex problems get solved - ADDICTIVE


Violence is about control (statistics on gendered violence, trigger warning)


An idiots guide to the gender pay gap

Use money talk to get more women on your Board (Fast Company)

Eight tactical ways to get more women in senior roles in your workplace (Women's Agenda)


Work is my self care and that's a privilege (NY Times)