Holding yourself back from promotional and visibility opportunities due to a lack of confidence public speaking? The Concierge's cover everything from small talk, to appearing on a panel, presenting in front of a room and working a room at networking events.

Ace the Stage (3.5 day intensive)

Learn how to get comfortable presenting, sitting, standing on a stage. Whether that's a panel at work, in the boardroom, at a networking event or running a workshop: it's all a stage and an opportunity to demonstrate what you can do.


  • People who say no to opportunities because they don't feel 'good enough'
  • Aspiring trainers and public speakers
  • If you have recieved feedback to work on your 'presense'
  • People talk over you or glaze their eyes when you speak

Day 1: Presentation Basics

  • Identify what you're really terrified of
  • Body langauge and tone of voice 
  • Practice presenting in small, supportive groups 
  • Present two sentences about what you had for breakfast in front of the group to get used to speaking

Day 2: Panels

  • Body language in panels
  • How to be interesting
  • How to talk off the cuff

Day 3: Small talk and interpersonal presentation

  • The art of being interested in other people
  • Warmth and charisma
  • Body language and creating your own networks at events


  • Family and Friends Panel and presentation 


Work The Room (1 day)

Avoid events because you don't know what to say and hide behind your phone? Join the club. Learn about how to talk to other people, what to say, where to stand, who to talk to and how to get out of a conversation you're not enjoying.


  • Those avoiding networking events
  • Those nervous about networking events
  • Those looking to get noticed
  • Serial hide behind their phoners


  • Make genuine connections with people you actually get on with
  • Enjoy your networking opportunities instead of find them terrifying
  • Make connections with people who can help your career
  • What to say, where to stand, what events to attend
You are extremely well networked. That’s a superpower not many people have.”
— PwC Australia
For an introvert you make an extra extra super duper connector. I am in awe!
— Business owner, Sydney

Ace Any Panel (1 day)

Almost every week I ask someone if they'll appear on a panel. They say 'I can never do that'. YES. YES YOU CAN. And so this is why we've created a Pre Panel training programme for you - so you can say yes to those opportunities and eventually ask to be on those panels you deserve to be on.


  • Those looking for more visibility at work
  • Those who say no to opportunities because they are shy / not confident / worry about saying the wrong thing
  • Those who feel nervous about speaking 'off the cuff' in front of an audience


  • Come across as the badass your are
  • Project your voice
  • Own the 'stage' even when it's a corner of a room
  • How to sit, body language, confident body language
  • Respond to questions you have no idea the answer to


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public speaking training
I had the privilege of undertaking training with the uber awesome Rachel Service of Happiness Concierge recently. I cannot recommend her highly enough - if you need to up-skill in presenting, managing burnout, how to ace your work or your life - I guarantee Rachel will have a course that will challenge, inspire and motivate you.
I had an amazing and excitedly challenging three days. A bunch of awesome individuals, all of whom I had so much to learn from. You facilitated such an atmosphere of trust and support.
I got so much out of the training and even more out of myself which is invaluable. Thank you for helping me challenge, realise, understand, and learn so much.
I had a great time, learnt heaps, challenged my inner being… and came out a better person, with new friends to boot.