Presentation Bootcamp

Presentation Bootcamp transforms the way you present.

Individuals from RACV, LegalSuper, RMIT University, QUT, General Assembly have undergone this training to level up their presentation, in person communication and influencing skills. Those who have completed the training have gone on to secure job promotions, speaking opportunities, plan Tedx talks, secure clients, sales and a select few have even been selected to become Happiness Concierge Trainers.

You will learn about how preparing for any presentation - big and small - can influence career prospects, and how to use your tone of voice, body language and content structure to win hearts and minds in any audience. The below can be adapted and personalised to any skill or experience level.

day one | Presentation and Facilitation

  • Feed Forward Happiness Concierge Framework

  • Presentation Personas

  • What confidence and conviction looks like, presenting authentically

  • Body language and tone of voice intonations

  • Responding to sceptics, push back and ‘helpful’ questions

Day Two: Content and Audiences

  • Creating Credible Content Framework

  • Audience Archetypes

  • Personal 'aha' moments and powerful vulnerability on stage

  • Structure to ace any presentation

  • Final Presentations


Presentation Fundamentals

Presentations give you the jitters? Learn the basics of Presenting with Happiness Concierge in this two hour session.

Presentation Personas

Learn what type of presenter you are and how to become a chameleon according to the client / audience brief with the Happiness Concierge Presentation Personas. Present a ‘before’ and ‘after’ series in this one hour session.

Audience and Team Archetypes

Learn what audience archetypes to expect in any presentation, what they’re motivated by, what they’re craving and techniques to help them learn and have the best possible experience. Highly recommended for understanding your team mates.

Rotten Tomatoes Panel

Need to get ready for an upcoming client meeting, or perhaps more comfortable with the word ‘no’? Be put to the test with Happiness Concierge’s Rotten Tomatoes Panel and learn about deflection and how to validate another person while politely disagreeing for a shared outcome.

Non Verbal Presentations

Learn how body language, tone of voice and even what you wear influences how others read you. Ace your non verbal elements with our fun and interactive lesson.

Creating Kickass Content

Delivering credible content is all about structure. Learn the Happiness Concierge Framework for creating compelling, credible and easy to understand content.

Facilitate Like A Boss

Great presenters captivate an audience. Facilitators extract gems from any sized room. Learn the fundamentals of facilitating so you can ace any meeting at work.

Aha Moments

Learn how to use your personal and professional accomplishments, learnings and failures to inspire memorable content and programmes.

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I didn’t realise until today how important it was to leave things out (depending on the audience). I really didn’t want to initially because I care about everything I’ve worked on but some things just aren’t relevant to particular audiences. You’ve convinced me to consider my audience.
— Kolling Institute
As someone who also stands in front of a packed ‘classroom’ (although instead of corporates my ‘crowd’ are 25 nine year olds!); your warmth and unassuming manner were just the right combination to get people talking and reflecting honestly.
I had an amazing and excitedly challenging three days. A bunch of awesome individuals, all of whom I had so much to learn from. You facilitated such an atmosphere of trust and support.
It was really valuable to see people pitch and then have others give constructive and positive feedback.
I had a great time, learnt heaps, challenged my inner being… and came out a better person, with new friends to boot.
Thanks so much for yesterday. It was such a great session, we’ve all been raving about it!
I got so much out of the training and even more out of myself which is invaluable. Thank you for helping me challenge, realise, understand, and learn so much.