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Stress Personas.

Know your stress persona

Hands up if you experience stress in your job?

Obvs, we all got our hands up. And while stress is a very normal part of work, whether you’re running your own business or helping slay for someone else, there are some kinds of stress that we want to avoid.

Unhelpful types of stress are those that lead to poor decision making, irritability, they can make you forgetful and also make it wayyy more difficult to reach your goals or navigate through tricky times.

Here at Happiness Concierge, we want to help you harness the more ‘helpful’ kinds of stress, those that make you laser focused and push you to deliver, so that you can improve your responses to stressful and challenging situations.

The key is knowing your ‘stress persona’.


Just like most of us have a personality type, we also have a stress persona.

Our stress persona is the set of behaviours we revert to when we’re under the pump or feel out of control - and they can be significantly different parts of ourselves than those that emerge when everything is peachy.

Although we may not want to identify with the darker qualities that come to light when we’re stressed, it can be helpful to reflect on them.

Why? Because when we’re aware of our behaviours, especially in difficult circumstances, we can make a conscious effort to change them and better prepare ourselves for when things don’t go to plan.

So then –who are you when you’re stressed? At Happiness Concierge, we have observed six distinct stress personas. Each one has its own unique traits and responses to stress. The one you identify with most is your stress persona and it should give you clues as to what aspects of your character you may want to be mindful of in stressful situations.

So: which one best describes you when the proverbial hits the fan?

Kanye Stress Persona
Britney Stress Persona
Beyonce Stress Persona
Bruno Stress Persona
C3PO Stress Persona
Miranda Stress Persona

Are you #TeamMiranda or #TeamKanye? Or perhaps you’re a little more ‘07 Britney than you are Queen Bey under pressure?

No matter your stress persona, now you’re aware of it - you’re well on your way to more effectively managing those stressful times.

Say goodbye to the pressure cooker and hello to higher levels of energy and motivation, a greater sense of teamwork and improved communication. Yas!

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