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People Audit.

The people we spend time with have a profound impact on how we feel.

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Not feeling it? Wondering why you feel exhausted all the time? It could have something to do with who you're spending your time with. Colleagues, friends, house mates, gym buddies, the local barista: how people interact with you and how you interact with them directly affects how you feel.

Me and Mama Concierge!

Me and Mama Concierge!

If you feel like people in your network don't 'get you' - grab a note pad.

Write down four headings:

  • Support

  • Teach

  • Inspire

  • Fun

Write down everyone in your immediate network - what section do they belong in? Perhaps they appear in more than one of the four categories.

Make a seperate list for people who don't deliver any of these four categories. You can also use a graph like the below.

Now, take a look at your rockstar list. 

How often are you spending time with these people? When is the last time you saw them? 

Now take a look at the ones who didn't make the cut. What frequency are you hanging out with these people? If it's quite frequent, should they really have a starring role in your life?

You don't need to cull friendships that no longer serve you. Sometimes, spending a little less time with them can make all the difference. Changing the frequency, if you will.

Consider your time in terms of percentages. What percentage of your week are you spending with mojo suckers? And how much time are you spending with your types of people?

Could you make a little more room for people who get you?

And a little less time for those who don't?