Mojo School (Online Course)

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Mojo School is back for 2019!

If you’re not feeling like your best yourself, maybe you’re feeling a bit ‘meh’, and perhaps your well-meaning friends and fam have even kindly (bless ‘em) suggested doing things differently and it all feels a bit HARD…this course is for you.

This EPIC online course is all about getting real with what's been stopping you from slaying, and helping you make small sashaying, Beyoncé steps towards your own greatness. *hair flips*


  • Six week programme, delivered online to help you get your mojo back

  • Receive a welcome email immediately

  • Then: an email every Sunday that gives you a task to slay that week with a 'how to' video

  • Do the lessons any time, in your own time

Mojo School Curriculum


Let's get real: you fabulous! But perhaps you need a little reminder of just how fabulous you are. We'll get you to articulate your amazing achievements to date so you can pat yourself on the back and fill up your mojo tank.


Figuring out what we really want can be sahhhh hard! We break it down and help you figure out: how you want to feel, what you want to have and what would you want to achieve this year. Then you’re on the way to slaying!


People are awesome. Sometimes though, we give our mojo to the ones who don't see our awesomeness. In this week, we map out who is rocking our world, who is giving us energy, and how often we're making time for these rockstars.

WEEK FOUR: mojo cup

If we asked you what makes you feel like the best version of you, what would you say? This task is super fun, taking the time to identify what energises us and what de-energises us, i.e. what fills and what spills our mojo cups. You’re gonna love it!

WEEK FIVE: saying no

Flexing our boundaries, yeah! This weeks’ task is all about saying ‘no / nuh-uh / nah m8 / nope’ to the things on our 'de-energising' list and learning how to prioritise what we want without feeling guilty.


Jay Z and Beyoncé apparently went vegan in six weeks #justsaying. What tiny edits will you take with you into your elevated Mojo life? Write a commitment to yourself to keep that mojo flowin’ all year round!



Host Carmen Hawker, aka Carmarella, has used the exact tactics you’ll learn during Mojo School to manage her work, life and mental health - from making difficult decisions about work to setting boundaries with family, friends and colleagues (eep!). In just six weeks she went from feeling drab to fab, feeling less out of sorts, more in control and waaaaay happier. These tactics are based on practical exercises that have seen Carmen go from a student of Mojo School in 2018 to being asked personally to be THE HOST of Mojo School in 2019!

That’s how life changing this shit is!



A major soul cleanse! I HAVE achieved a few GREAT things in the last year and a bit, and writing it down and sharing it in the Slack Channel feels bloody good!
I am loving this process - even the hard bits. On reflection, I decided it wasn’t sad or depressing, it just a means it’s time to make more of an effort to get out there and start connecting!
I did the Week One exercise last night, and I was actually surprised by how much I’d achieved in the last year. They weren’t even big, mind-blowing things, but little shifts in life and mindset and I see how that’s added up to the me of today, like firming up my boundaries and stopping comparing myself with others. I let go of some of the fear and that was really cool!
When I saw the Achievement Audit was the first topic, my first thoughts were I immediately regret this decision. What are my achievements? Sometimes I struggle to remember the positives or have any true perspective. This exercise has opened my eyes and made me reevaluate the way I see/judge myself.
It’s so great to be part of the HC family and track down some of my dearly-departed mojo. Last Sunday’s exercise was a real eye-opener. Last year was a tough one, so I had locked it away and written it off as a failure because I felt I had achieved so little - on reflection, it turns out I actually managed to get a whole lot done!