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Mojo School Slay Commitments 2019

Mojo School | Week Six: Preparing to Slay

This is the final piece of the Mojo School puzzle: MOJO MAINTENANCE.

Writing down our goals means we’re more likely to fulfil them. So this week we’re going to be writing a commitment to help keep ourselves accountable after Mojo School ends. It's the small edits you’ve been making that add up to big changes.

You've done the work. We promise - you got this!

Here’s the deal: you’re going to fill out the form in your email outlining what you’ve learned during Mojo School, and then share with us your address, and we'll post it to you a few months from now so you can remind yourself just how far you have come - and so that you’ve got a ‘map to mojo’ to refer back to, to help you continue to SLAYYYYY.

Yours in Mojo,

Carmarella xx

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