Do you need a Mojo top up?

  • Private, confidential sessions in person with a HC Mojo Maker matched with your industry and personality type

  • Take home a recorded session so you can reference in future or re-listen to lessons

  • $399 for the first in person or Skype session, then $299 each following via phone

Mojo Private sessions are a confidential way to workshop a challenge, have a vent if you need to, and then workshop solutions to help you get back on track with a HC Mojo Maker.

You will be able to chat about what's been going on and be given an outsiders perspective with different ways to tackle in a non judgemental, low key way.

It's very much focused on listening, and suggesting a few small, achievable steps can take to better your situation. You'll receive a recording of our session following the call for your future reference.

Our style is lots of laughs (there's no fuck up you can't recover from if you're willing to do the work) and a little nudging in the right direction.


In a Mojo Session, we focus on what's up with you and what you need to slay in your work or life.

We may discuss what is contributing to you feeling flat, what feelings your are experiencing, and we may look for patterns in your feelings and behaviours to help us find the triggers that are contributing to you not feeling so ace.

We may then look at what is working well (work / friends / relationships / life) and what is not suited to your personality, goals, ambitions and needs (such as working preferencespeople you are with), and what easy wins you have right now to get your bounce back into your step.

Finally we discuss what actions you can take immediately (being it managing your behaviours, expectations or immediate changes to your mindset or your environment) to set you up with a plan to create a lifestyle / work life that rocks your world.

Each Mojo Session is different and is firmly focussed on creating small action steps to getting your mojo back.


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  • Can work pay for this? Yes. Many workplaces send their kick ass employees to help them either make a plan, workshop a challenge or just chat to someone who isn't their boss to bounce around ideas. I can also get in touch with them directly if you'd like me to get the ball rolling.
  • Can I send my partner / employee? Yes. Many loving partners and supportive bosses do. 
  • How does it work if my employer / partner pays? They pay but can't have access to, or a report back on what is discussed. The recordings are given only to the person who attended the Mojo Session.
  • What if I cry? Some people do, some people don't - either way, it gets the feelings out which is the first step to getting your mojo back.
  • Do I have to do pre work? No. 
  • Privacy? You're in control. We record a session of which we send you the MP3 afterwards. We are unable to share any personalised details (such as your name, workplace) for marketing purposes. We may share my learnings from Mojo Sessions on social media, using non identifiable details. You can see examples here and here
  • What if I need more help afterwards? We talk about that in the session. Recommendations have included everything from follow up sessions, to guidance around seeking an ongoing counsellor, psychologist and sometimes GP recommendations to surround you with the best possible care.


Thanks for working with me to jolt me out of my victimhood malaise. I didn’t realize how big of a role it was playing in my life and now that I know, I’m excited to focus on reforming old thought patterns and seeing myself as an equal/Beyoncé. You truly have a gift for connecting things and to individuals.
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you for helping me initiate the thought and now taken some action!! I definitely wouldn’t have had the courage if I didn’t meet you.
— Speaker, Brisbane
I feel more confident and ready to take on the world after our session. I really needed that!
— Gold Coast, via Skype
A generous human who left such a mark on my spirits (in just one hour) I could barely believe it. Happiness Concierge: you couldn’t have chosen a more apt name if you’d tried!
— Business Owner, Australia
This has definitely had an impact - thoughts & ideas are shifting and coming unstuck.
— Male professional, Australia
Thank you for the much-needed mojo top up! Your generosity with your time and ability to share your insights in such a relatable/engaging way is truly incredible. Thank you for helping me break things down into baby steps - to get me out of my head and into action! See you on Instagram!
— Melbourne client, July 2017
Our session today was great and really helpful. I’m so glad I did it.
— Professional, Sydney
You have the supernova skills and ability to isolate a persons achilles heal and show us just how easy it is to turn that around.
— Professional, Queensland
Rach has been great in helping me realise why I was feeling so half baked at work, and what kind of roles might be better suited to my strengths and personality. Our sessions always give me the turbo charge I need to see my next move with such sparkling clarity, that I always leave busting to grab the future by the proverbial and get cracking without wasting even one second more.
— Professional, Melbourne
Logical and practical advice. Very helpful.
— SME owner, Melbourne
So much mojo this morning 👊 this lady is gold!
— Steph, Melbourne
We can’t believe that within a space of one hour you can recognise our (mis)beliefs, turn them on their head, find our core values and how to leverage them to build an achievable future that we can definitely ace! You gave us perspective, encouragement and direction. Thank you for your invaluable insight, super positive attitude and ability to simplify the process to make us realise we can achieve anything.
— Couple, Queensland