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Essential Skills for Managers Immersive

The majority of managers are promoted due to an existing competency: their primary skill set (often technical). The art of managing other people can often be an enigma with no clear road map.

Happiness Concierge’s Ace My Management Programme is designed to give a hands on, highly practical and tactics based training to help managers ace their performance and that of their team.

The below can be adapted and personalised to any skill or experience level.

Module Overview:

The Ace Your Management is a four day programme which focusses on teaching the four fundamentals we see limiting the performance of new managers:

ACE YOUR Fundamentals

We find very few managers are sat down and given the tool kit to succeed. This module covers the fundamentals of managing a team and hand delivers documentation to set up, and fast track their success as a manager. This day focusses on extracting expectations (of their bosses and what they expect of their teams), KPI's (what they need to deliver to keep them focussed on the end goal), efficient WIP structures focusses on outcomes, powerful 1:1's templates which are efficient and outcome focused.

Understand Your Team

We find the majority of management frustration comes from new managers expecting team members to perform identically. This day is designed to fast track the performance of their team by mapping out their teams strengths, their goals, and to a game plan to measure both their success and yours as a leader to deliver outcomes against this.

What To Do When

This day focusses on the #1 challenge of any manager or leader, regardless of experience level: comfortability having Constructive Conversations and Boundaried Conversations at work. This day asks participants to bring a challenge to workshop in addition to the tools shared with Happiness Concierge throughout the day.

Managing Yourself

The most influential relationship you will have as a manager is your relationship to your internal dialogue to manage stress and challenges as they arise. Many a manager has lost reputations due to inability to manage their internal dialogue and stress. Learn techniques for outsourcing frustration and how to move that into constructive action at work and appropriate responses when under the pump.

Accountability Coaches:

We know the majority of high performers have 1:1 coaches making them accountable to their actions.

In addition to the four days above, Happiness Concierge provide Accountability Coaches who call attendees to ensure they deliver on their promises made, outside of their direct line manager as accountability coaches.

This also creates a confidential sound board, sponsored by their employer, to ace their conversations at work and make the most efficient use of their managers time.

This is a tool Happiness Concierge Founder Rachel Service uses to great effect personally and is recommend for high growth companies and fast moving teams looking to promote retention with the ability to nip any challenges in the bud the first time.

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