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Below are my ways of working and agreement which outlines confidentiality. If you agree, please use the form below to acknowledge and we'll get cracking.

ways of working

Happiness Concierge ways of working is driven by these values: people, experience and respect.

People: we're here to make peoples lives easier and happier. This applies to our clients and how we treat each other. We agree we both (Rachel Service and team member) agree to make the best effort possible to make each others lives easier.

Respect: Individuals and workplaces who seek Happiness Concierge services often reach out in a sensitive time of their personal or working lives and therefore every effort is made to communicate to them they are safe, normal, not judged and are welcomed. No one knows more than anyone else - it's just different life experiences and different learning stages. We both (Rachel Service and team member) agree to treat each other with respect.

Experience: The success of Happiness Concierge is defined by how others feel when they leave us, regardless of what type of interaction. Everything we do at Happiness Concierge is founded on building sentiment and trust. This informs how we communicate, market, speak, email and follow up with clients, colleagues, and make decisions on who we will and will not work with. Each customer is treated like a VIP, regardless of how much or how little they spend. The same goes for working with one another (Rachel Service and team member).


No assholes.

This protects my people, my clients and my reputation. As a contractor, casual, employee, you will be supported should you experience behaviour, written or verbal communication which makes you feel uncomfortable and reasonable steps will be taken to prevent it in future.

Equally, should an employee, casual, volunteer or contractor act with ill intent, for financial or social gain for themselves and not Happiness Concierge, steps will be made to discuss the situation and if not resolved, terminate the working relationship.


The nature of Happiness Concierge means I have access to individuals details who may reach out to me at a sensitive time. They agree to work with me on the basis of confidentiality, trust and mutual respect and the value of my business is founded on supplying a safe, trusting and private opportunity. 

 Therefore each HC team member (including casual, contractors, interns, support crew, full time employees, counsel and support) needs to respect the policy of keeping individual details, topics, bookings and their meeting types confidential. This may include but not be limited to: names, emails, addresses, nature of business, workplace, type of enquiry and all content of emails.

Failure to do so will unfortunately result in termination and or legal proceedings for loss of income or reputation costs.


Happiness Concierge exists to motivate other people to make sensible decisions that improve their life. Therefore each team member at every part of the journey needs to genuinely freaking love helping other people in which ever capacity they have.

Therefore, if either party is no longer interested in contributing to Happiness Concierge, or their capacity or interests change as life happens, we both agree to discuss this before the work is impacted and felt by clients.

We agree to use our words to the best of our ability to attempt to resolve issues before they become frustrations. 

So - are you in or are you out?


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