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Welcome to Mojo School!

Ready, set, mojo!

I am Carmen, aka Carmarella, and I’m going to be your Host of Mojo School for the next six weeks!

Firstly, WELL DONE for showing up. We want you to know that WE SEE YOU and I am so, so glad you’re here to top up your mojo.

Mojo is that energy, that power, that essence, that feeling of being in.the.zone, when things are clicking and you feel the most like yourself. Ah, yassssss please! This course was a total gamechanger for me last year. I went from feeling drab to fab - which is why I’m so excited and passionate about helping it do the same for you.

Here’s the thing: Mojo School is whatever you want it to be. It is for YOU.

So, what brings you here? I’m curious! Maybe you’re here because your life is f*cking falling a p a r t, you’ve lost your direction, your mojo. That was me, when I did this course at the start of 2018. Trust me, you are in the right place.

Orrrrr maybe you’re here because your life is shit hot right now and you want to double down on that mojo and figure out what the secrets to your success are so that you can unlock the secrets to endless mojo? Good news! You’re also in the right place.

Orrrrr maybe you’re here for something else altogether? Ace - that’s cool too!

As you know Mojo School is a six week online course to boost your mojo. The exercises we will do together over the next six weeks are the exact ones that set me up to slayyy when I was having a really rough time last year. The tactics we will use gave me a hella useful framework and activities to keep returning to as I needed - so…

What can you expect?

Each Sunday for six weeks I will be popping into your inbox with a little video and a worksheet that will take about an hour to complete (or however long you want!). In each video I will explain how to do the worksheet and share how the exercise really helped me. Then you’ll be invited to share what you found and I’ll be there to high-five the hell outta you.

So let’s get set up! In this email you will find a link to our free online Happiness Concierge (HC) Slack community. If you haven’t used Slack before, it’s an awesome internal messaging platform - kinda like Twitter meets Facebook - and it’s where the cool HC peeps hang out. So, the first thing to do is get yourself set up on Slack and introduce yourself!

Next - we recommend you find yourself a Mojo Buddy - someone who can help keep you accountable and encourage you throughout these six weeks and beyond. It can be someone you know, a friend or family member or colleague, or it can be a new friend in the HC Slack community. No matter who it is, find someone to share this mojo journey with. We find it makes a lot of difference when we have someone we’re accountable to.

Then - sit back, relax and get ready for your weekly instructional video and ‘how to’ worksheet, complete the activity, and then jump in and share what you found in Slack (#MojoSchool), on ze socials or slide into my DMs on Slack if you need to work your way up to a public share - because I am here to help you SLAY.

That’s it from me, Carmarella, for now - see you soon for Week One: Achievement Audit!

C xx

Week one email

Mojo School | Week One: Achievement Audit!

Welcome to Week One: Achievement Audit!

Hi Mojo Queens and Kings,

I’m so excited for you to get stuck in to this week’s activity because it’s one of the most surefire ways to boost your mojo.

At Happiness Concierge we believe that confidence is built through celebrating the small wins. And I’ll let you in on a little secret: confidence is not ‘fake it ‘til you make it’. Confidence = evidence + self-belief + validation. And you are going to get all three in our Week One exercise.

Essentially we’re going to be capturing the things we have done or achieved this year already aaaaand last year. Now I mean alllll of the things - both big and small, in work and in life - and we are gonna celebrate them. We are going to figure out how each of them made us feel and what we learned.

This is ze good shit because it stimulates the positive reward centre in our brain and we start craving more of it - and we start to build our momentum.


Now, I remember when I first did this exercise… I was feeling pretty terrible, like I was stuck, and not just stuck but that I was going backwards, like I was falling behind. Worst feeling right?! Well, what the Achievement Audit helped me to see was that, despite feeling like I was on a steam train to blah-town, there were actually lots of pretty cool things that I had done or achieved over the course of a year - things I’d completely forgotten about or that I hadn’t stopped for a hot second to acknowledge or extract the learnings from. No more.

Honestly, one of my favourite things that Mama Concierge Rachel, aka Rayoncé, says is that: experience matters, but reflecting on that experience matters even more so.

So let’s get our reflection on and take out our worksheets…

We’re going to start with *all the things* you’ve been up to this year so far - maybe you’ve started a new job // actually used your gym membership (shock horror!) // or kept your plants alive - and write.them.down. This is the ‘evidence’ part of the confidence equation. (Remember: confidence = evidence + self-belief + validation).

Now, don’t worry, they don’t all have to be ‘achievements’. If you’d prefer to look at ‘activities’ or simply ‘things you’ve done’ - which is what I did the first time I did this exercise - then go for it ... Mojo School is for YOU.

Next —> we want to look at how each of these achievements/activities/things made us feel. And, lastly, what they taught us or ‘what we learned’ about ourselves, about the activity itself, about life in general.

As I’ve told you, we are in this together - I’m doing Mojo School right alongside you - so here’s what my Achievement Audit looks like for this year so far…

  • Joined a dance class >> Excited to shake what my mama gave me >> Moving my body helps my mind to let go

  • Read four books (aiming for 25 in a year!) >> Stimulating and mindful >> Less phone time = better mental health

  • Booked in a personal branding session >> Proactive >> There are so many rockstars who can help us get where we want to go

Now let’s wind the clock back and do the same for all of last year.

For this, I found it useful to use things like my journal, social media posts, work milestones, calendar of events I attended, and even asking a few friends and fam, to get me thinking about all the things I did and achieved in the past year. Here’s how 2018 looked for Carmarella:

  • Moved cities! >> Scary but exhilarating >> I feel the most like myself when I am swinging big

  • Made the switch to freelance life >> Liberated, creative and independent >> I thrive working for myself and setting my own hours

  • Called my Nan every week >> Refreshing and calming >> Making regular time for people who support me and make me laugh gives me mojo

  • Kept my plants alive (just) >> #Adulting >> Plants grow when you say kind things to them, just like people - so be kind always

Looking at all the things you’ve done and achieved in black & white (or coloured pens if you fancy) is crucial to building up our mojo. And this, my mojo friends, is the self-belief part of the confidence equation. This simple exercise helps us see - ‘hey, I’m pretty f*cking rad’, or ‘Yo, I did some cool shit last year!’ It doesn’t matter if your list has three things or thirty-three things, it is the process of celebrating  small wins that is vital to creating mojo.

And with that you’ve alllllmost completed Week One of Mojo School!

Now is the super fun part… the VALIDATION part of the confidence equation. So jump into the Slack channel (#MojoSchool) and let’s share how we all went like a bunch of cool nerds. I’ll be there ready to high-five the shit outta you and so will your other Mojo School classmates. And don’t forget to share all your amazing achievements with your Mojo Buddy!

Alrighty babes, well done! That’s Week One: Achievement Audit - building confidence through celebrating small wins —> confidence = evidence + self-belief + validation - and that will be your secret to mojo success.

There’s no need to ‘fake it til you make it’ anymore, because you’ve already made it henny. Woah.

See you next week where we ‘spice’ things up and you tell me what you want, what you really, really want!

Swing big,

Carmarella xx



Mojo School | Week Two: I Want List

Time to channel them Spice Girls into what you really want.


How are we all feeling? I hope you’re as excited for Week Two of Mojo School as I am. This week it’s time to channel Ginger, Sporty, Baby, Scary and the other one and tell me what you want, what you really, really want... that’s right - it’s I Want List time!

This week we’re going to get bizzay figuring out what you want to FEEL, what you want to HAVE, and what you want to ACHIEVE. This is seriously powerful stuff. When we know what we want, we can make a game plan and GET IT!


This exercise helped me drown out the noisy noise and really drill down into what’re the most important things to me, Carmarella. It showed me easy ways to dip my toe in the water while keeping my eyes on the prize: what I really wanted.

Now, believe it or not but this exercise was the very first ‘how to’ that Mama Concierge Rachel ever created - and look at where she is now: running this kickass training company helping people like you and me to ace their work and life! So that just goes to show that this week is full of power and possibility.

Now let’s whip out them worksheets!

Imma go first with this one I prepared earlier…

  • I want to feel >> More energised, confident and happy, less anxious

  • Stepping stone >> Practise saying ‘no’ → if it’s not a fuck yes, it’s a fuck no!

  • Habit >> Stronger boundaries, create more space for the things that give me mojo

Immediate or long-term? IMMEDIATE.

  • I want to have >> Greater financial security

  • Stepping stone >> Sign up to a monthly women’s financial literacy course

  • Habit >> More informed money mindset with regular savings contributions and budgeting

Immediate or long-term? LONG TERM.

  • I want to achieve >> Read 25 books in a year

  • Stepping stone >> Join a book club and turn my phone off at 10pm

  • Habit >> Digital detox and read before bed to increase my mental health

Immediate or long-term? LONG TERM.

Now it’s your turn henny!

Grab a glass of vino, or kombucha or tea - whatever your poison - and get spicy by figuring out what you want, what you really, really want.

When you’re done, and this is key, I want you to get out your bullsh*t meter...run it over the page and ask yourself: ‘Is this legit, or is this just what I think I should want?’ (Depending on what you find, you might need to try it again!)

Let me let you in on a little secret….when Mama Concierge Rachel, first did this exercise after crying at a Queen Bey concert of all places - she had to do it not once, not twice, not even three or four times, but FIVE TIMES before she finally nailed it. How come? Because we’re taught that thinking about and going after what we want is a) selfish or b) greedy or c) self-centred or d) all of the above. But it’s not. It’s crucial for mojo. It’s crucial for happiness and joy and a meaningful life - whatever that looks like to you.

And a world where more people are doing what they want, from a place of deep reflection and soul and passion, is the kind of world I want to live in. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk ;)

Alrighty - once you’ve finished your I Want List - it’s time to head into Slack and share the shit out of it! It might surprise you how many other people want similar things or maybe there’s someone in the community that can help you get after what you want.

That’s Week Two done and dusted, swing big this week and I’ll see you next Sunday for Week Three: People Audit.

Carmarella xx



Mojo School | Week Three: People Audit

We’ve done Achievement Audits, we’ve done I Want Lists - now it’s time for Week Three: People Audit.

Mojo alumnae,

As you know by now: Mojo is about feeling like yourself. Week One and Week Two have been about looking at some of the things we can do to get more mojo or feel more like ourselves. This week it’s about who we’re doing them with aka those who giveth and those who zapeth our mojo!

We are heavily influenced by the people around us. Who we spend time with directly influences how we feel.

When I first did this exercise, I realised I was spending a whole lotta time with people that didn’t make me feel very good about myself, that didn’t really see me or honour me or understand me - and it didn’t feel so good. Then there were a few rockstars who I saw every now and then, that I always walked away from thinking ‘hell yeah, I’m ace, I’ve got this’ - yet I maybe only saw them every few months or even once a year. Let’s sort that shit out!

This week we’re doing a People Audit: you got it, it’s WORKSHEET TIME.

So, in your worksheets you’ll see that we have created four categories - TEACH, INSPIRE, SUPPORT, FUN - and we’re going to be jotting down some names or groups of people, whom you know personally or that you see on the interwebs, in each of the categories.

I’ll go first.

  • Teaching >> Happiness Concierge community, Yoga Buddies

  • Inspiring >> Activists, freelancers, BoPo abes

  • Supporting >> Fam, partner, friends, sisterhood

  • Fun >> Nan, school friend, B99

I remember when I did this for the first time a year ago - I had heaps of awesome people in the support square but hardly anyone, maybe only one person, in the fun square. And I knew I didn’t want that. So that was interesting! I also kept a little list on the side of all the people who I was spending a lot of time with but who I couldn’t plot into any of these four categories. But that’s ok, s’all good. Remember: this is just an audit, a check-in to see where things are at. It’s a time to be curious, not to be judgmental.

So get out those pens or typing fingers and your contact list - and fill out your People Audit. I’ll wait.

Right, so, now you’ve got your magnificent table - let’s reflect henny! Is there one square that has heaps of people and some that don’t have anyone or just one person? Is there someone who you’re spending a lot of time with that just isn’t making the cut for these four boxes? That’s cool, just notice it.

The next step is: to have a look at your list and pencil in how often we’re seeing those rockstars. And note down how often you’re seeing those who aren’t on the list. Again, this isn’t so we can just take a (metaphorical!) machete to the people in our lives and cut people out left, right and centre - although sometimes that does happen - but it’s also about recognising rockstars who contribute to our mojo and thinking about how we can make more time for them. * Literally get your calendar out and make a time for them*

This exercise can be particularly challenging when we’ve got friends and family and colleagues who we’re spending a lot of time with but who are just not meeting the needs we have. Be gentle. This is where sharing is caring —> let’s all jump into Slack right now and share how we’re each going to manage some of the learnings or realities we might face as a result of our People Audit. Help your mojo sisters and brothers out!

Well. Done.

This activity can be a bit trickier than some of the others but you’ve done it! And now you know that one of the secrets to maintaining our mojo is to spend time with people who energise you, who teach you things, who inspire you, who support you and who are just plain fun to be around.

Guess what? You are HALF WAY THROUGH Mojo School and well on your way to mojo town, my friends! Queen of Mojo Town, Carmarella, is sahhhh proud of you. You are doing SO WELL! And the way you’re all getting around each other on Slack and the socials is GIVING ME MOJO!!!

If you have any questions or need a bit of hand - please just flick me a message or @ on Slack. I got you.

See you next week for what might just be my favourite…Week Four: Mojo Cup. SQUEEEE!

Swing big babes,

C xx



Mojo School | Week Four: Mojo Cup

It’s Week Four - which might be my absolute fave - it’s Mojo Cup week!

Mojo bunnies,

Lemme tell you something: managing mojo takes consistent practice.

When we feel down or we’re lacking mojo, it can be easy to forget what we need to do to feel good, to feel better. Having a ‘go to’ list of what fills up your Mojo Cup will be the thing that helps you slay when you have that inevitable spill or you need a top up.

Alrighty, so this week we are going to identify what energises us, i.e. gives us mojo, and what de-energises us, i.e. what zaps our mojo.


We have created this neat little table for you to map what:





What energises us and what zaps us?

Let’s jump straight into it and feel free to use the one I prepared earlier as a guide. Once you’ve finished let’s get our reflection on, because remember: reflection is perfection.

FYI - what I found doing this activity was that, over the years, I had gathered a pretty good idea of the things that energised me and those that zapped the life out of me - but there was a big g-a-p between that knowledge and what I was doing erryday. This exercise, when I was finished with it, sort of acted like a ‘map to mojo’ for the rest of my year.

But enough about me! What did you find? Jump on over to Slack and let us know!

I cannot wait to see what y’all came up with for this one. I truly believe that it is absolute sparkly af G-O-L-D what you have on this sheet; your map to mojo!

Thanks for giving it your all these past four weeks - I hope you’re starting to feel your mojo cup filling up! And, as always, ping me a Slack @ if you need an extra Carmarella high-five.

You’ll absolutely looooove next week, Week Five: Saying No. It’s one of the shortest words in the English language but somehow still one of the hardest to say. Enter: Happiness Concierge.

See you next week!

C xx



Mojo School | Week Five: Saying No

You ready for it? NO is a full sentence.

Heya wonderful people,

If you’re anything like me - you hate letting people down, you want to take allllll the opportunities and say yessssss to everything - and then you inevitably end up burnt out, resentful and exhausted. Amirite? This was my life - until I learned the magic word: NO.

And in Week Five of Mojo School, that’s what we’re going to practice saying.


Learning how to say this two letter word will change your fucking life. So simple yet so loaded. At Happiness Concierge, we know how powerful saying ‘thanks, but no thanks’ to opportunities, tasks and even people is to our mojo - so we practise it constantly.

Say it with me now…. NO. Umm, I couldn’t hear you? I want to hear it through your damn screens …… NOOOOOOO. That’s better. Amazing!

Just out of curiosity - how many of you, particularly my grrl friends, have been told to ‘make me a sandwich!’? I have. It sucked. Well, not anymore because, you know what? I’d love to make you a sandwich, A FUCKING NO SANDWICH. Ha! See what I did there ;)

Right, so this week we are going to learn the recipe for a guilt-free No Sandwich.

First, go back and have a quick look at your Mojo Cup list from last week and particularly at your ‘Mojo Zappers’, the things that de-energise you. They’re the things we’re going to start practising saying NO to.

The three ingredients you need are:

  • Validation: ‘Thanks for asking!’ // ‘Sounds like a great idea’

  • The ‘no’: ‘I can’t, I’m afraid’ // ‘Not this time’ // ‘That’s not something I can commit to right now’, and then…

  • The pivot: (This is your opportunity to change the topic, move in another direction.) ‘I’d love to do that in the future, let me know next time, yeah?’ // ‘On that, I did see this thing that I thought would be great.’

Ta-da! That’s how you make a No Sandwich.

Sounds simple enough right? Well it is, but it will also make you feel pretty damn uncomfortable the first few times you do it - particularly if you’ve been a ‘yes’ person your whole life, like me.

Before you get started and because imma hostess with the mostest, here’s a little No Sandwich I had to whip up recently…

I’d been offered some freelance work that didn’t really involve the skills I wanted to be using the most and I had to turn it down. I knew it would de-energise me, which I put a cost on, and that cost outweighed what I might earn if I said ‘yes’ to the work. Saying ‘no’ looked a little something like:

‘Thank you so much for thinking of me, I really appreciate the offer! As it turns out, I’ve been focusing more on X lately so I don’t think it’s quite right at the moment. If you have anything like X that comes up in the future, I would love to chat about it.’

Not too bad tasting right? Weirdly enough, it actually felt fine and that person not only respected my boundary but has since been in touch with some different work more in line with what I was after. #winning #notlikecharliesheen #gross

Now it’s your turn!

There are plenty of ways that you can apply the ‘No Sandwich’ technique in your work and life - make some notes and practise it with your Mojo Buddy or get into the Slack community and share the wisdom. This week, as much as ever, it is crucial that we SHARE the techniques and sentences that have worked for us so that others might give them a test drive (think I’m mixing metaphors here but you know what I mean!)

We knowwwww this is an ongoing practice but it will absolutely CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Remember: NO is a full sentence. So get out there and start spraying some ‘hells to the nah’s’ around…

Next week is our final week of Mojo School: Planning to Slay’. Can you believe it??? * cue happy/sad tears *

So if you’ve got any questions you’ve been sitting on or you need some extra support as we near the finish line, permission to slide into my DMs and ask away!

Until then bishes,

Carmarella xx


Mojo School | Week Six: Preparing to Slay


Holy SMOKES chicas!

You’ve made it to the final week of Mojo School! Sahhhh proud. I’ve got my fab af ‘Carmen Miranda’ earrings and my bright red lipstick on - because this week I am going to be helping you PREPARE TO SLAY.

You’ve got a list of your kickass achievements, a list of things you want more of, you’ve had a look at the people in your life who be giving you mojo and zapping your mojo, you’ve got all Hermione on the things that fill and spill your mojo cup, and you’ve learned how to say the magic word: NO. Phwoar. That’s a list of slayage right there.

Now - it’s time for the final piece of the Mojo School puzzle: MOJO MAINTENANCE.

Word to the wise: writing down our goals means we’re more likely to fulfil them. Sooooo, this week we’re going to be writing a commitment to ourselves to keep ourselves accountable after Mojo School is finito, finire, finished.

We’re going reflect on all of the magic af learnings you’ve had and the tiny edits you’re going to make to your life as a result so that you can continue to rock.tha.shit outta your life with this elevated mojo.

Trust me - you've done the work. It's the small edits you’ve been making that add up to big changes. You got this!

Here’s the deal: you’re going to fill out the form in your email outlining what you’ve learned during Mojo School, and then share with us your address, and we'll post it to you a few months from now so you can remind yourself just how far you have come - and so that you’ve got a ‘map to mojo’ to refer back to, to help you continue to SLAYYYYY.

I remember when I got my ‘You Rock’ kit in the mail after I completed Mojo School and, guaranteed, it was the best piece of mail I got all damn year! It was SO good to be reminded, not only of all the things that I’d learned and of the ways I can top up my mojo, but it reminded me of the commitment I’d made to myself and the community of rockstars at Happiness Concierge that had my back.

Soooooo good!

Well, I’ll try not to get too emosh, but it has been the absolute pleasure of my damn life being ‘Carmarella’, your Host of Mojo School, these past six weeks. Honestly. But rest assured, this is not the end of your mojo journey.

There are heaps and heaps of upcoming Happiness Concierge events and workshops and opportunities coming up - so be sure to have a poke around Slack and and follow us on ze social media so you don’t miss a thang.

Thank you so, so much for being part of Mojo School and I hope you feel overflowing with MOJO and all the things that make you feel like your best damn self - now get out there and swing big!

All my love and kisses,

Carmen, aka Carmarella xx

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