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The Art of Influence at Work.

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In The Art of Influence, three experts teach critical communication tools to develop meaningful relationships and deliver shared outcomes at work. 

Mastering the art of influence needn’t only be for sales professionals. Individuals who have the tools to influence are more likely to deliver shared outcomes on behalf of their team, employer and external stakeholders for long term benefit.


  • Communicate your expertise with confidence.

What you say is just as powerful as your actions. Learn how to confidently articulate your expertise and use qualifiers so people listen. 

  • Negotiate with impact for shared outcomes. 

Uncover the science behind successful negotiation and how to apply it effectively to achieve win-win scenarios and stronger relationships. 

  • Leverage internal and external relationships. 

Learn how to effectively collaborate with internal and external stakeholders for mutually beneficial outcomes. 


  • Sophisticated communication skills to influence an outcome
  • Increased ability to negotiate outcomes for positive impact
  • A more empowered and confident workforce
  • The tools to enable mutually beneficial collaborations

The Art of Influence is for:

  • Organisations who seek to differentiate through skills practiced by successful entrepreneurs and disruptors
  • Businesses who want their team to develop resilience and effective communication skills to succeed at work

The Art of Influence team

Communicating your expertise with Rachel Service

Rachel Service is a branding expert who has been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald as an expert in getting heard at work. She works with organisations such as DDB Worldwide, WINK Models and RMIT University to train their people how to effectively use their personal brand at work. 

Negotiation and sales with Ashleigh Tyszkiewicz

Global Award Winning Sales Strategist Ashleigh Tyszkiewicz consults to major brands on how to unlock the full potential of their top performing teams using powerful sales skills. Named in the top 1% of Sales Managers globally at LinkedIn, Ashleigh is now widely recognised as a global authority on sales and business development through compelling communication. 

Collaboration and leveraging relationships with Penny Locaso

Penny Locaso a collaboration expert, profiled by The Huffington Post, Sydney Morning Herald and Start Up Smart for her role in growing businesses through outcome-focussed connection and co-creation for globals brands such as LuluLemon, General Assembly, and One Roof Women.

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