Happiness Concierge
Ace work and life.
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Happiness Concierge is a kick ass training company that helps people ace their career and their lives.

I spent years battling anxiety, depression, burnout, overworking, over exercising and under eating. It all came to a head when I realised work was nearly killing me.

I now teach people how to enjoy happier lives and kick ass careers through my training programmes and Mojo School

Learn more about my personal story here, my programmes here and upcoming events in your area here and contact me here.

Five stars. One class can’t change your life, but if you’re sceptical about self-help ‘stuff’ you should give this a go. The presenter has been in your shoes, and sorted some stuff out.
— Ace Your Work, Melbourne
Thanks and congrats on the fab talk you gave to us instructors at General Assembly. Like all the best talks, it made me think of new things and in different, inspiring ways.
— General Assembly Lecturer, Melbourne
I really enjoyed your talk at breakfast - I left feeling so inspired about how I can make some positive changes in my approach to life and work so thank you.
— Professional Networking Group, Sydney
Thank you for tonight! I loved it - I was mesmerised.
— Sam, Video Editor, Brisbane
I was so inspired by your talk, you should see my amazing to do lists I’ve been whipping up!
— S, Photographer, Australia