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Happiness Concierge workplaces programmes help you ace work and life. We deliver original content with Happiness Concierge Trained Facilitators and Coaches. Our training comprises 1:1 training, group training, team building and major events.

Our sessions start at two hours and go up to full day programmes. Our content is practical, research backed and 100% jargon free.


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We know that finding the right balance of content with delivery style is the key to training landing. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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Communicating with Influence

Our most frequently requested programme is the Communicating with Influence suite. Focussing on communicating intent clearly and with authenticity, considering other personality types and how to land on an outcome so you everyone feels comfortable.


Skills focus

  • Presentation Skills

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Sales Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Public Facing Brand Skills

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Relationship Building

  • Networking and influencing

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Recommended length

  • One day training

Trusted by

AMP, The Reserve Bank of Australia, Science and Technology Australia, The Centre for Epidemiology as well as individuals from Telstra, ANZ, PWC and Tedx.


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High Performing Teams

The best teams are clear on their purpose, feel they can rely on one another and have a high degree of psychological safety. In Happiness Concierge’s High Performing Team Programme, learn how to create a way for the team to understand what matters to one another and how that influences the way they perform at work. Learn about one another superpowers, and commit to a way of working that delivers the best possible outcome by leveraging shared strengths.


Skills focus

  • Individual Superpowers

  • Day in the Life of

  • Communication strategies

  • Resilience Personas

  • Team Dynamics

  • Trust strategies

  • Constructive Conversations

  • Creating a team vision

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Recommended length

•One day Immersive or 4 x half days

Trusted by

Etsy, Swinburne University, Tilt Renewables, Monash University and Capgemini.


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Presentation Training

We believe presentation skills are skills for life, regardless of position or job title. Our world leading presentation training focusses on connecting with the audience, with research backed insights balancing warmth and competence. Our presentation training is for every level at the organisation, mixing those low in confidence to seasoned speakers.


Skills focus

  • Communicating with conviction

  • Confidence and authority on stage

  • Tone of voice

  • Body language

  • Responding to tricky questions

  • Pitching in an idea

  • Storytelling and messaging structure

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Recommended length

  • Our presentation training is recommended as one to two days in duration.

  • Our popular Presentation Bootcamp is two days.

Trusted by

NewsCorp, Lazard Asset Management, UNSW Global Mobility Programme, Luxury Escapes and individuals from UTS, legalsuper, RACV and General Assembly.

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Essential Skills for Managers

Our Essential Skills immersive is designed to deliver a hands on, highly practical and tactics based training to help managers ace their performance and that of their team. The below can be adapted and personalised to any skill or experience level.

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Recommended length

One full day immersion.

Trusted by

Happiness Concierge (we use these tools in house), The Centre for Epidemiology, Capgemini and individuals from Seek and AGL.

Skills focus

  • Managing Expectations

  • Delegation Toolkit

  • Establishing KPIs

  • Reporting frequency for success

  • Team Diagnosis

  • Constructive Conversations

  • Mitigating Risk

  • Cultural Norms


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