Brand You

Increase visibility, develop your personal brand and get noticed at work. Our most popular course to date.

  • Six immersive sessions held over the course of the year + end of programme party to celebrate learnings

  • Supported with HC facilitated monthly onsite accountability sessions

  • Option of follow up mentoring 1:1 with individuals who require additional support (5% of audiences on average seek follow up 1:1 counsel supported by their employer to manage challenges at work and land on a commercial outcome). Sometimes this helps employees find promotional opportunities internally; other times it reveals they would enjoy an alternative route.

Programme Guide:


  • Elevator Pitch

  • Growth Plan - what does success in your career look like to you? (populate this at end of programme, see how it has evolved)

  • Why visibility at work is important

  • Getting Noticed game plan

  • My Value Prop: commercial conversations


  • Relationship Map: visibility in an organisation and sector is critical to your success. Identify people to connect with and build relationships

  • Stakeholder Map (who, my KPI’s, their KPI’s)

  • The language of others (what is important to other people)


  • The art of being interested in other people

  • Ace Small Talk

  • Likability, warmth and charisma

  • Body language


  • Communicating on a stage, 1:1, in a small room

  • Communicating with conviction and likeability

  • Body language, tone of voice

  • Clothing choices


  • Work the room

  • Extracting information from other people

  • Elevator pitch in practice

  • Do’s and Don’ts


  • Negotiation

  • Giving good Feedback

  • Constructive Criticism

  • Leveraging pushback


  • Popular with womens networks and groups who want to present findings and outcomes to Board.


Brand You Fundamentals (1 Day)

Turbo charge your visibility by getting noticed with Brand You Fundamentals.

Brand You (Fundamentals) teaches you how to communicate your brand through genuine actions and the impact of meaningful relationships.


  • Any level at work
  • Socially shy / fear of putting yourself out there types
  • Technical pros who are unsure about how to get noticed authentically

Learn to

  • Communicate your ‘elevator pitch’ when you are new to the company
  • Really hear other people so they remember you
  • Communicate with charisma in a way that feels like ‘you’
  • Develop meaningful networks
  • Presentation Basics


  • Charisma Fundamentals: who’s charismatic and why?
  • Brand Me: my elevator pitch
  • Perception: reality versus perception
  • Behaviour Audit: how do I communicate?
  • Present Me: present in small groups and receive feedback and body language edits

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HC Rachel Service MTC-82.jpg
I loved the way Nick engaged with people when they responded to his questions. He did so meaningfully and with gratitude, really taking on board what they offered him.
The difference today was, you Rachel. The way you so naturally made everyone feel inclusive and you draw out the best within a conversation by asking the right questions ... for the first time I felt like I wasn’t just taking notes. I was walking back to work afterwards and I had an A-HA moment ... this is what I am going to do, this is how I am going to do it and I will start, now!
I got a lot out of it and feel like I came back to my central purpose when we wrote down what we want to be known for. I’ve been feeling a bit left of centre over the last month and it was good to just come back to the basics.