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Ace work and life.



happiness concierge is THE company helping people ace work and life.

Happiness Concierge trains the biggest organisations and most influential experts in Australia including Reserve Bank of Australia, Powercor, AGL, Vanguard Investments, Lazard Australia, RMIT, UNSW, Chief Scientists, Biologists, Doctors, and researchers.

Training programmes comprising 1:1 coaching, multi level training and online programmes are the heart of what we do. Our online community enables ongoing learning with students from across the globe sharing learnings, hacks and how to's as they implement their learnings.

10/10. Loved it. Great approach, very relaxed and created an environment where everyone felt comfortable to share.
— Creative agency
HC is the best thing I’ve ever done for my confidence at work. It’s given me the belief that I can do anything and the tools to be able to back it up with.
Your session went down a treat with the team. We all loved it.
training melbourne pd wellness

Happiness Concierge is Owned by Rachel Service, after suffering from anxiety, depression and burnout throughout her career. In a breakthrough moment in New York City, she decided there had to be another way to enjoy work and founded Happiness Concierge.

Happiness Concierge Trainers have trained hundreds of people across Asia Pacific and North America.

Check out our training programmes here and upcoming public events here!

You guys are a dream team and so fun to work with. Our community loved the workshop and there was such a buzz in the room afterwards proving just how much everyone enjoyed and benefited from the workshop! Thank you so much for sharing photos/videos and feedback. Everything looks fantastic and we really appreciate it.
— Client, Australia
It is a pleasure, a delight and a whole bunch of fun to work with you all! I really appreciate everything you do to bring your epic talents to share with the community.
It’s always so easy to work with you!
— General Assembly Australia
It has been so wonderful working with you, thank you - I’ve got such a buzz!
— Client, Australia
pd training canberra sydney melbourne
Nick, you presented the issues at hand with skill and humour. Your warmth and unassuming manner were just the right combination to get people talking and reflecting honestly.



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The audience feedback was some of the best we’ve ever had.
— League of Extraordinary Women
We keep on getting great feedback. Thank you again.
— PowerCor Womens Network
It totally exceeded anything I was expecting and I’ve come out of it feeling positive about my work and potential in a way that I haven’t in a very long time.
— Sophie, Melbourne