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Present Like A Happiness Concierge | Sydney

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Happiness Concierge Rachel Service took her experience performing, presenting, pitching and teaching and developed a presentation style which is now trusted by the biggest brands in Australia.

Studying speakers, musicians, teachers and continually refining her craft by building in feedback forms into every presentation, she developed the Happiness Concierge style of presenting which is now taught globally.

Go behind the scenes with Rachel's team to learn what she does every day with audiences across Australia, from preparation, to delivery to body language, tone of voice and projection cues.

You'll have access to Rachel and her teams' personalised feedback on immediate ways to improve your presentation style in this three day bootcamp.

Day One: small to medium audiences | Wednesday 19 September, 9am - 5pm

  • Confidence and projection
  • Finding your presentation style
  • Body language cues
  • Present to the group
  • Feedback and how to get comfortable with continual development

Day Two: content and adaptation to live audiences | Thursday 20 September, 9am - 5pm

  • Aha moments
  • Presenting with genuine emotion and conviction
  • Reading the room
  • How to respond to sceptics
  • Audience types

Day Three: large audiences | Friday 21 September, 9am - 5pm

  • Presentation differences between small and large groups
  • Body language and hiding nerves on stage
  • Balancing like-ability with credibility
  • Use of language on stage
  • Preparing for when things go wrong

$2,499.00 per person. Limited class size only.

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Present Like A Happiness Concierge