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Confidence Bootcamp: powerful presentations

  • RMIT Activator RMIT Activator, 102 Victoria St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia (map)

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Powerful presentations convey emotion, credibility and conviction. Learn the art and science of presenting for results in this 2.5 day bootcamp designed to turbo boost your confidence.

This course will teach you practical skills you can apply to every area of your career to get results, whether you are in sales, presenting to your team, or have hopes of being perceived as 'more confident’.

You will learn how preparing, using powerful body language, personal styling and altering your tone of voice influences whether other people will invest in you and your business objectives. 

Learn from the Founder of Happiness Concierge who presents to Australia's largest organisations on how to convey authenticity, credibility, relatable humour and conviction in person - whether that’s getting results you are looking for at work, or your own aspirations of public speaking as your career choice.

I cannot recommend the training highly enough.

Day One: my presentation style | Friday 12 October, 9am - 5pm

  • Identifying your authentic presentation style

  • What confidence and conviction looks like

  • Body language and tone of voice intonations

  • Personal 'aha' moments, charisma and powerful vulnerability on stage

  • Body language and hiding nerves on stage

  • Balancing like-ability with credibility

  • Feedback and how to get comfortable with continual development

Day Two: content structure and dealing with push back | Saturday 13 October, 10am - 4pm

  • 'Aha' moments to pepper business presentations with for relatability

  • What compelling content looks and feels like

  • Structure and takeaways to any presentation

  • Responding to sceptics, push back and helpful questions

  • Conversational opportunities from push back

  • Audience types and what to expect when presenting live

Day Three: presenting for any stage | Sunday 14 October, 10am - 2pm

  • Live presentations

  • Presentation differences between small and large groups

  • Preparing for when things go wrong

$2,499.00 per person. Limited class size only. Yes, we have payment plans! (Simply list your details in the note below and we will organise an invoice for you / your employer).

Questions as to whether this course is right for you? Get in touch and we’ll make a time to walk through it:

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Since attending bootcamp, I’ve been able to confidently design & deliver talks and workshops, coaching sessions, a webinar and a strategy jam for leaders.
What an amazing mix of people! I came out as a better person, after being challenged in so many ways and learning more about how to deal with people’s kick-ass skills (we all have them)! Thanks so much.
Getting out of your comfort zone is never easy. I spent 3 days at the Happiness Concierge training program, learning how to be a kick ass trainer to teach people how to ace their work. It was challenging, but with the support of all the other trainers in the making, I made it through the course and discovered that I could do stuff I really didn’t think I do. Amazing, right!?
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