How do I email someone I've never met? How do I introduce someone to someone else?

One of the fastest ways to grow your network is by connecting two people you are a fan of who have similar interests, work in a similar industry or who you know will get along famously.

Before you approach anyone: pretend they cost $1,000 a minute to talk to. That way you'll be respectful of their time, treat them like a VIP and make life as easy as possible for them: things us all humans love!

    connecting two people:

    • Ask if its cool you introduce them to someone you know they’d get along with famously. Some people are totes cool with strangers landing in their inbox, others would prefer the heads up so they can flex their No Muscle if they’re flat tack, or in fact, they already know them.
    • Outline why you thought they should connect / their shared connection. Example: “I know you both have a passion for fashion and tech and I thought you both would enjoy a conversation about the industry.”
    • In your email, its so helpful when you include a link to their website or LinkedIn profile. I loooove it when people include a link to their LinkedIn and or website. If we do end up coffee-ing - I can look them up on LinkedIn before we meet so I know who to grin at when they walk at the door and can look up their work beforehand. If they don’t end up meeting, they could check out your website / LinkedIn and perhaps suggest someone else to connect with to get them closer to their goal.
    • Give them an out in your email: for example, while they might both famously get along, they might both be super busy. Example: 'Hi Sarah and Tom, I thought you guys would get along super well, or you might know someone who Tom could connect to to learn more about X?
    • If you’re getting intro-ed - BCC the person who introduced you so their email inbox is clear, but they see you’ve replied. Example: 'Hi Tom - thanks so much for the intro! (Moving you to BCC) Hi Sarah - so great to meet. I’d love to learn more…’
    • Answer with action. If you want to grow your career prospects, take the convo into IRL and make it as easy as possible for them to say ‘sure’ in one email. Example ‘Great to meet! I’d love to learn more. Are you free for a coffee over the coming weeks? If yes, the below dates are great for me. If you’re flat tack, are you free for a 15 minute convo for me to ask you a few questions?’


    • Contextualise why you're emailing them straight away. If they've never heard from you before, personal anecdotes are less likely to connect. Instead, give them context for how you got their email address, why you did and what you are seeking.

    • Make it super duper easy. Offer to meet at their local cafe, on their lunch break, before work. Give them multiple dates and also - an out if they're flat tack.

    Hi X, My colleague Y kindly suggested I reach out and connect with you as I’m going to be in SF next week for three weeks with Happiness Concierge.

    I’d love to connect and ask you a few questions about workplace culture in North America as part of my research if you’re free? [DATES HERE]. In return, I’d love to pay it forward where I can by buying you a coffee, or seeing what ways I may be able to amplify your network on this side of the world.

    I’m in the Financial District; perhaps coffee Tues 19 or Weds 20 in the AM? I’ll bet you know the best place to go near [YOUR OFFICE], let me know what is easiest. If coffee is not possible, if you’re free for a 15 minute phone call, I’d love to book in a time to ask you a few quick questions.

    Here's my response when someone has introduced me to someone new:

    Thanks X for the intro! (Moving you to BCC)

    Hi Y! Great to connect.

    As X mentioned, I’d love to buy you a coffee to learn more about X. Specifically, I’m keen to ask you about Y.

    Do any of these dates suit? Mon 19, 10am, 11am, Tues 20 8am, 9am, Thurs 1 3pm at your local cafe / offices?

    Alternatively, if you’re flat tack, love to ask you a few super quick questions over the phone.



    The great thing about reaching out to a career crush, or someone who has a job you like the sound of (but aren't quite sure what that is exactly), is that you can get straight to business by asking directly how to learn more about what they do.

    Here's an example. In our HC Community Slack, a rockstar reached out:

    A few of my friends have told me I’d be great at X. It just sounds interesting but I don’t know enough to jump into it yet ... but it’s sparked me up.

    We then suggested - 'what if we connected you to someone who already does that job and you could ask a few questions'? We sought permission from the community member first to reach out to our network on her behalf, and then asked our rockstar contact who had the job she was keen to learn more about.

    Here is the first email we sent to our contact:

    Hi X

    Great to see you this morning!

    A member of the HC Community is keen to learn more about what working in a [ROLE LIKE YOURS] could be like. She’s currently doing X and is wondering whether her skills would be a great fit for [YOUR ROLE / A ROLE LIKE YOURS] as many of her friends have suggested she’d be great at it!

    Given you do this for a living ... wondering if you’d be open to answering a few questions about what your experience has been like, either over the phone or over a coffee so she can get some real info from someone on the front line and on what to expect if looking to land a job in that space? Sharing a ‘day in the life of’ for example could help her paint a picture of what it is really like.

    If so, I’ll tee you up! If you’re flat tack, perhaps a suggestion on where / who best to redirect her so she can investigate further?

    Once we got the OK from our contact to proceed, here's what the email connecting them both looked like:

    Hi X!

    Connecting you here to X HC Community member who you may have met at X. She has been told she’d be great at [X] and she’s keen to learn more about what may be involved!

    X - Y is the [POSITION] at [WORKPLACE]. We had a chat this morning and she’d love to fill you in on what a ‘day in the life of’ looks like so you can paint a clearer picture of what that may look like for you in future if it’s something you’d like to pursue.

    Over to you to connect!
    HC Community high fiving our rockstars for reaching out! YASS!

    HC Community high fiving our rockstars for reaching out! YASS!


    • Send them a calendar invite. You asked for the coffee: you lock it in. Include both your cell and theirs in case of last minute changes.
    • If you asked them to coffee, you buy the coffee.
    • It's totally OK to write notes as you go - you won't remember it afterwards.
    • Follow up afterwards (email) and deliver the things you said you would if you promised anything.
    • Mentally keep a list of ways you could help them achieve their goals and offer to help in ways you know you can. Do you know someone in their industry? Have you heard of a tender aligned with their skill interest? 
    • Good luck, have fun and remember: don’t worry about being interesting. Be INTERESTED in other people. Treat them like you would meeting #Yonce for a coffee. That’s when shit comes alive. (PS you're not saving lives. It's just coffee).

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