Ace My Work

Learn how you and your team work best. Identify what times of the day you are most efficient, how to manage stressful situations, manage boundaries and say no at work.

  • 2 Days Immersive, alternatively held in three hour sessions throughout the year (to promote ongoing learning)

  • Supported with HC facilitated monthly onsite accountability sessions

  • Option of follow up mentoring 1:1 with individuals who require additional support (5% of audiences on average seek follow up 1:1 counsel supported by their employer to manage challenges at work and land on a commercial outcome).

Programme Guide:



  • Values Audit: get clear on what values motivate you

  • Behaviour Audit: learn what ‘zone’ you are in under stress and how to manage to get a positive outcome

  • Growth Plan


  • Batching: learn how to batch together similar tasks and work together to map out a schedule to maximise your efficiency

  • Working Styles: learn about working styles, personality and preferences in a ‘My Work Mojo’ cheat sheet


  • Managing upwards: learn about the art of saying no tactfully to manage expectations, especially when you’re a new player / new to workforce

  • Saying No

  • Boundaries, expectations management


  • Giving good Feedback

  • Constructive Criticism

  • Leveraging pushback


  • Skill Audit: where are my strengths, where are my opportunities to learn?

  • Growth Map: what versions of my career have I envisaged for myself? What skills can I learn here at work to get there?

  • Growth Plan: what do I need to ask my manager to sponsor me on? What steps will I take to own my career progression?


  • Brand You: communicate your expertise when you’re new to the workforce using outcomes and client case studies

  • Get Noticed: create a plan to get noticed at work, for the right reasons

  • Commercial Conversations

  • Language of others


  • The art of being interested in other people

  • Relationship Map: visibility in an organisation and sector is critical to your success. Identify people to connect with and build relationships


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I loved the way Nick engaged with people when they responded to his questions. He did so meaningfully and with gratitude, really taking on board what they offered him.
The difference today was, you Rachel. The way you so naturally made everyone feel inclusive and you draw out the best within a conversation by asking the right questions ... for the first time I felt like I wasn’t just taking notes. I was walking back to work afterwards and I had an A-HA moment ... this is what I am going to do, this is how I am going to do it and I will start, now!
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