The Happiness Concierge team helps people ace work and life. To do this, there’s a set of behaviours which are rewarded, promoted and set as expectation at Happiness Concierge.

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  • We reward action. We trust and reward those who do what they say they’ll do. We’d rather you try and fail than avoid trying something new. By saying that, we prefer you fail safely (see below).

  • Trust at Happiness Concierge is built by delivering. Consistently. Our community and clients rely on us: so we need to rely on each other. We trust what you do, not what you say. In order to impact people's lives, we need to be able to trust each other to deliver quality, on time, every time.

  • Audience before ego. We exist to serve our audiences understanding of what we’re sharing. Always asking ‘how could this be as good as possible for the audience?’. This promotes self-accountability.

  • Fail safely. Fail with the team so you can soar to success publicly. We’ve built a number of resources into the back end of the team to help you fail safely with support. These include focus groups, recordings, approvals and rehearsals designed to help you slay.

  • Feed Forward. We want each other to succeed, so to do that, we give feedback in its intended format: to help one another get closer to our goals. Small edits, regularly, helps us avoid bigger conversations in future. This builds trust and eventually, we hope, respect. When Feed Forward is given, we aim for it to be specific, succinct and delivered with respect.

  • Fix it now, debrief afterwards. When things don’t go to plan, and hey we run live events, it happens, in the moment: we fix it. Then after the deadline or event we agree to identify what we could do differently and make a commitment with our fellow Happiness Concierges to ace it in future.

  • Ask for help. Doing new things requires new intel. When we ask for help it shows we’re taking accountability. Advice, mentorship and help can come every level of the organisation.

  • We celebrate wins. Reflecting on what we’ve learned and what we are proud builds confidence. And that’s what we’re responsible for sharing with the Happiness Concierge community.

  • Growing is an ‘inside job’.  It’s up to me, the individual to grow. I do the work to enjoy ‘green zones’, navigate ‘yellow zones’ and mitigate ‘red zone’ moments. I trust my colleagues to be kind enough to share their observations if I don’t seem like myself so I can help myself.

  • It’s how we do things that is important. It’s the small things which make the Happiness Concierge experience memorable for each other and those we serve. We make improvements based on our observations on ‘how could this be done better?’

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