HC is looking for a Senior Happiness Concierge in Melbourne.

We are seeking a high autonomy, results driven rockstar with likability, credibility, charisma and strong corporate networks, or the ability to form new networks through genuine connections and relationships.

We hire individuals who have a critical eye, internal confidence, love for themselves and evidence of delivering life changing counsel (either in house, via coaching, their own business or through volunteering evidence). 

Concierges must have mojo in abundance with the capacity to give joy to others. Just like Beyoncé.

At HC, you get as much as you put in. We hire Concierges who are competitive with themselves (not others), continually refine and develop in the view to chase excellence and continually learn. Concierges must be a living embodiment of overcoming self limiting beliefs and have the capacity to now pass that mojo forward to our clients, through coaching and facilitation.


  • Present and facilitate HC training in the Melbourne market
  • Manage your own bookings assigned to you at HC HQ from start to finish
  • Edit presentations to the brand level 
  • Supporting HC’s growth through amplifying their personal networks

Skills we need you to arrive with:

  • Exceptional public speaking skills conveying joy and credibility
  • Advanced self regulation of nerves and ability to switch ‘on’ before the elevator opens on an assignment
  • Advanced career management: evidence of managing your own projects (all HC’s are responsible for delivering excellence, every time on every assignment, autonomously, seeking approvals from HC HQ) as well as acting as a living embodiment of what is possible through HC teachings
  • Exceptional client facing skills (consistent delivery of documentation, flawlessly constructed, beautifully designed, delivered in a timely fashion)
  • Ability to ask for help constructively, early, to deliver an outcome in the highest quality, done, on time and to exceptional standard. Ability to do this early and take action as a result of conversations to limit impact critical.
  • Pitching, presenting and refining presentations in Keynote or to a high quality visually
  • Relatable and likeable communication skills, adaptable for difference markets and audiences
  • Ability to reflect the environment, from large corporate boardrooms to rooms of 40 students to small masterclasses and 1:1 settings
  • A network of contacts who you’d be proud to tell them you are working with Happiness Concierge to open a conversation 
  • Inner, relatable and likeable confidence in your own ability 
  • Ability to take feedback and implement it (inability to implement feedback will significantly limit your career progress)

This role is best suited for an individual with prior experience managing clients, be it through their own business, agency or as a representative of a business which manages clients. 

Environments you will need to be comfortable in to succeed at Happiness Concierge:

  • Pitch internally first, then if and when market ready, externally 
  • A fast, pro active, no excuses, lean environment 
  • A small, organised team passionate about best case scenario outcomes and accepting nothing less, no matter the circumstance
  • Ownership - all Happiness Concierges manage their own projects from start to finish
  • Agency experience and evidence of managing clients or VIP’s highly regarded


You will have access to the team who has built HC from a blog into a world class training company before presenting to Rachel Service who will decide whether you are market ready for commercial assignments. The HC team will teach you:

  • How to take your skills as a Facilitator into a world class presenter that gets bookings at your highest value
  • Publicity, promotion and how to create demand for Happiness Concierge
  • How to deliver for excellence and get people talking about you 
  • How to influence outcomes
  • Continual feedback so you are always growing
  • How to train and teach other Happiness Concierges
  • The entire HC content library

As the training is extensive and the investment in you as an individually significant, the Happiness Concierge team will decide whether to pitch you internally as a compelling case for you to be considered. To apply, book a phone call with a member of the HC team, convincing them of:

  • Evidence you have invested your craft as a public speaker (video)
  • What skills and experience you bring to HC
  • What time you have to commit to training (significant time investment to up-skill with the content library before booking)
  • What questions you have about being considered for the team

We are looking for communication, influence, personal drivers and likability in these calls to save time for everybody. If you are not successful at HC, we believe you will slay elsewhere and have a duty of care to ensure we let you know early if you are suited to slay in a different culture.

2018’s intake closes Mon 16 July at 9am.


Respect the application process and only apply if you connect with the above, are hungry to make it work and have the time to dedicate to on boarding training (3 day bootcamp + up to three months of training and rehearsals before you graduate to commercial assignments).

This saves your time, our time and those of the resources assigned to reviewing your application at HC HQ, which is taken away from our clients need to review your enquiry. (To apply for a volunteer position instead, check out our volunteering programme). 

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If you don't have one, please film yourself speaking and send video link.