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Brand You Advisory

The Brand You Advisory is an invite only peer to peer mentoring network.

Designed for individuals who are looking for ongoing support, network and accountability, the Brand You Programme is the quickest and most impactful way to deliver validation, support and visibility in your industry.


  • Private peer to peer group mentoring
  • $5,000 + GST annual subscription year per individual
  • Partnered with HC network not available publicly to advance your career
  • Hosted by Senior HC representative

They say you are the sum of the five people you surround yourself with. At HC we say opportunities and learning are attached to people.

The HC Advisory is about connecting you with people you can learn from and share challenges with in a private setting. Your peer groups are personally handpicked for you based on personality types and experience to support your learning.

  • Chatham House Rules
  • You are partnered with hand picked peers in comparable industries facilitated by HC representative
  • Sessions are confidential, whilst sponsored by employer, HC representatives can not share what is discussed 
  • Peer to peer mentoring sessions are held over breakfast or evening drink sessions to promote informal conversations out of the office settings
  • Individuals from RBA, PWC, UniSuper, Telstra, Powercor have all benefitted from this private programme to positively influence their confidence

please fill in the expression of interest form so a hc representative can give you a call to discuss.

Name *
Thank you so much Rachel for this morning. It reaffirmed a lot for me. It’s been brewing and I’ve been in denial. I’m [now] inspired beyond what you can imagine.
— Sydney professional
Thank you so much for a great night out, where some pretty challenging conversations made me think twice about how I value myself. Down time is so precious, so I really thank you for those hours.
— Melbourne professional
The impact a few coffee sessions with you have had on my career and self-respect is hard to quantify.
— Sydney professional
Thank you for taking the time to not only share last night’s event with me but also for your wonderful encouragement and advice. I’ve been feeling lost and slightly insignificant for a little while but as of lately this has turned around. I suddenly feel like there are opportunities out there for me and am excited and motivated to explore them!
— Melbourne professional