"Not my people, not my zoo."

A friend shared that gem with me recently, describing a client they're no longer working with. I thought it was fucking brilliant.

I thought of that phrase recently when a client shared their experience with a particularly challenging manager. They outlined the constructive conversations they'd had. The team meetings they'd organised. The different working styles they'd employed.

We workshopped the situation, and, after a series of questions it was agreed: it was time to say no more, and move on.

Don't get me wrong, there's a time and a place for saying yes to keep your boss happy, client expectations managed and keep your people engaged. In fact, it's those tricky convos that actually make you better at your job.

You have to do some stuff you don't enjoy from time to time and manage ego's to make your job easier. (psst - here's a 'how to say no' on precisely to do that).

But there's also a case for saying you know what? This gig isn't for me. It's actually not bringing out the best in me. 

Because despite how you feel, you always have options.

Don't let one bad situation define you. It's not reflective of your skill or ability. In fact, it speaks volumes to any prospective employer that you can actually identify when it's time to move on.

And in the mean time, write that shit down. Share those insane stories with your friends for a laugh. Email me and let me reassure you - you are not going crazy.

So on that, let's all embrace the crazy, channel that into action and get some shit done, shall we?