Meagan Harding

Meagan Harding is a stylist and photographer. She is booked out months in advance for her trademarked fashion analysis reviews and photo shoots that turn ordinary people into the best version of themselves.

She is all action. Here she shares her top tips on getting on with the work - and loving it every day.

The gap between knowing and doing.

"The gap that’s between knowing what to do and actually doing it, is really important.  Pay attention to how you fill your gap.  You can sit and dream, make plans and talk to people endlessly about ideas, but you actually have to get of your ass and do something."

Fear is your friend if you channel it into action.

"I love fear because it either polarises you or forces you into action.

Every morning when I walk out the door, I think ‘can I do this?’ I have doubts every day - but - because I’m too proud to let people know I get nervous too - I work really, really, really hard to make sure I’m delivering the best possible product that makes my clients feel like rock stars."

Your clients are the only thing that matters.

"If someone willingly pays me for my service and refers others - that’s the only proof I need that what I'm doing is valid, valuable and helps others."

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