Jo Eaton

Jo has approximately 100 projects on at any one time.

She works six days a week, runs feminist music organisation LISTEN's website, DJs, does music publicity and marketing and recently completed a broadcasting training course through RRR.

In 2015, she asked an electronic music promoter why they didn't have any women on their line up. 'Couldn't find any', they said. In protest, Jo organised a gig featuring an all-woman electronic music line up in under 24 hours, created the promo and sent them back the link. 'Not an excuse', said Jo. 

Needless to say Jo gets stuff done. And she is super-chill about how she balances it all. I asked her for her tips on how she gets through her YES list and manages to have mojo at the end of the day. For things like riding her badass bike (pictured below).

Very few things shit me more than poor communication.

"I am a total organisation nerd. I have my email open all day. I reply to things as soon as I see them and if I can't provide all the information, I let them know when I expect to be able to get it to them.

I swear by adding absolutely every commitment into Google calendar with reminders set. I have Google spreadsheets for media plans, to-do lists, budgets, song lists, packing lists, eeeeeverything. I run a lot of Google spreadsheets collaboratively with people, too. It's a good organisational tool."

I do freak out.

"How do I not freak out? No such thing. I just remind myself that I am worrying because I care about what I do so much.

I ring someone for help if I need to. If something seems really overwhelming, I use the old classic 'break it down into its smallest tasks' trick."

Both offer and ask for help.

"The common theme through all I do is to both offer and ask for help. 

The nicest thing about the community I work in for LISTEN is that someone is always there and willing to help. I'm not very confident with words, so I also run everything I write by my genius wordsmith best friend. 

Communities are everything. Neoliberal individualism is rubbish."

Keen to learn more about Jo and her projects? Connect with her through LISTEN.

Images by Breeana Dunbar Photography.