What do you want?

Every year I give myself a theme.

In 2015 it was Listen (to myself, to others, learn how to be a good listener. Listening has never come naturally to me - I had to learn it and still am!).

In 2016: Joy (do things that make me feel joy like public speaking, making time for excellent friends and family, try and inject joy into other people's lives).

This year is all about pleasure.

For so many years work (or feeling "busy" or "productive") defined me, so it's going to take some practice to attune my thinking to "what will make me feel fab right now?"

If you asked me what makes me feel fill up my tank and feel goooood - apart from watching Netflix eating a Magnum, which as we all know is awesome - I'd struggle to tell you what (aside from work) feels insanely good.

So, this year I've decided I want to feel more pleasure and my baby step towards that is making the time to discover what exactly, that is.

There ain't no wrong way to explore, folks - the important part is that we all just try. 

Eating a Magnum in Bali by the pool. #goals

Eating a Magnum in Bali by the pool. #goals

So my challenge to you this new year isn't what goal you want to achieve this year but instead, ask yourself: what do you want to feel this year? What do you want to have? What would you like to achieve?

And if you could put one word on that which could help guide your thinking - what might that word, or phrase, be?